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Meningitis and Encephalitis

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  • evilmoose1987 1

    Viral Meningitis and Constant Headaches?

    Hello, Over a week ago I went to A&E with severe nausea, headache, back pain etc. I was crying in pain and with worry. I have had headaches previous to this for 6 months or so with my GP putting it down to sinusitis. (its not because CT scan was ok) In A&E after several blood tests etc the

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  • jbbell 2
  • Guest M

    My story

    I'm female, 18, never been seriously ill before in my life The week it happened I had a really bad cold. And on the Friday of that week I woke up feeling incredibly achey and just thought it was flu symptoms. I spent the whole day laid on the sofa and in the evening my mum noticed some red dots

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  • sadler 35604 1

    I was told I had viral mengantis and encephalitis

    Hi I'm 12 yrs old and I had the scare of life time I had a headace off and on for a couple of days my mom said she would take me to dr but it went away and come back so we never made it untill couple of weeks ago I had one really bad and my mom was really worried so she Told me she take me the next

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  • RyuuKuu 3

    Terrified of meningitis

    Okay so i have real bad health anxiety, A couple days a go i learned a boy in our community had died, (possible men, possible brain hemmirhage) And now im utterly terrified i have meningitis My anxiett plays many tricks on me, and i end up getting dpdr I have basically no symptoms but im

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  • jeejaw 2

    meningitis and speech problems

    I had meningitis ten and a half years ago. I was left with a serious speech impairment. Just wondered if there was anyone out there who had been, or was going through something similar. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks,

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  • em73060 1

    Relative diagnosed with encephalitis, worried please help!

    Hi, Recently a relative of mine was diagnosed with Encephalitis and I do not know much about the disease so was wondering if someone who has experienced this themselves or know someone who has, could help me with a few worries I have. Firstly the common signs and symptoms of confusion, memory loss,...

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  • Guest M

    Mollarets Meningitis

    I first had viral meningitis approx 15 years ago where upon three seperate doctors on home visits in three consecutive days dimissed it as merely a viral infection. I subsequently ended up in hospitial for approx 6 days extremely unwell,as after the spinal tap which due to the excessive pressure

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  • Guest M

    Listeria Meningitis - My husband a normal, healthy 39 ye...

    Listeria Meningitis - My husband a normal, healthy 39 year old suffered Listeria Meningitis. My husband does not smoke, drink alcohol or take any drugs (drug abuse)and the Aids test was negative. The Symptoms were namely high fever, severe headaches, vomiting and neck stiffness. He visited his Gp

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  • akanksha191 1
  • slpsht69 1

    Recovery Questions

    I had meningitis and encephalitis back in Feb of this year. While I'm close to feeling like my old self again, I cannot get rid of sore and cramping legs mainly at night. I do have pain mess if I need them but it's just annoying. Anybody else have this? Did it go away? What helps?

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  • david67014 2

    Emotional distress after meningitis.

    Hello. I am a 37 year old male who had meningitis as a baby which has, I believe, seriously affected my emotions. My heart feels like it is breaking every day. I have consistent, powerfully intense emotions and deep, DEEP feelings of longing / sadness all the time. I have tried many anti

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  • jess48708 1

    Have i got meningitis? Please help!

    I have had anxiety, particularly health anxiety for about 2 years now. I always convince myself that i am dying or have a terminal illness. Now i think i have meningitis.  I became alarmed when i noticed a pin prick bumpy rash all over both of my arms a few hours ago. I done the glass test and the

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  • jess48708 1

    Have I got meningitis? Please help!!

    Hi, I'm 14 years old and have had anxiety, particularly health anxiety for about 2 years now. I always convince myself that I have a life threatening or terminal illness and now I think I have meningitis. I became alarmed when I noticed a pin prick bumpy rash on both of my arms all over a few

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  • tjhaden 2

    hot flushes

    Hot flushes, oh my god, there soooo bad at the moment, it's like sumone sets my blood alight to boiling point, after a minute turns it last fortnight there awful especially at night so not getting much sleep !! any of u lovely ladies taking anything that helps, I've heard an read that

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  • ardit88681 1
  • War 1

    Frisium reduction schedule

    I have been on 30 mg of Frisium 10 mg (10 mg taken after lunch and 20 mg before bedtime) as a part of treatment for encephalitis. It has been 6 years now. Without consulting the doctor I started reducing the dosage very gradually and came down to 20 mg. The seizure frequency started increasing. I

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  • donald41490 1


    My brother has been diagnosed with Encephalitis. He is 85 and has been in a coma and non-reactive since Oct. 2, 2015. His children have decided to remove him from life support this coming Friday. He does not breath properly without the ventellator.  I understand that the recovery period could be

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  • mark60763 2

    Advise during this worrying time please

    Hello everyone  Let me start off by saying I admire everyone suffering from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis as I have read what an awful disease it is. I'm looking for some sound advice before I make my way back to the doctors next week.  13 weeks ago I tested positive for an h pylori infection which

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  • Guest M

    Jacqueline's story. Jacqueline is now a happy, normal 7...

    Jacqueline's story. Jacqueline is now a happy, normal 7 year old. At the age of 21 months she contracted meningo-encephalitis and was very ill. The symptoms were like a cold, and then she got weaker and weaker, and wouldn't drink. I took her to a doctor who tested for bacterial meningitis (there

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  • muriel02 1

    loss of grandaughter to meningitis

    I don't know if this is were i should be putting this but in september 2002 We lost my granddaughter 2 years 11 months to meningicocal septisemia. She was on holiday in cyprus with her mummy and daddy enjoying her self. i spoke to her on the 11th of sep she was full of life her last words to me

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  • arfan80000 1


    hi every one my Girl friend had Meningitis the she admited in hospital a night before we was kissing each other etc she was complaiting that she have strong headche etc. she was admited in hospital for 2 nights and they discover that she have Meningitis.. now my question is that is i need to do my

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  • Stevie747 1

    Life after meningitis

    in September 2014 I was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with viral meningitis and dental sepsis . I was very ill . I recovered enough to go home after 2 weeks. But now 7 months later I seem to get every cold , sore throat, chest infection going, and it's been like this since I was discharged. I

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  • Guest M

    Life Affects of Meningitis

    Althoug I work in a Children's hospital the affects of Meningitis hit very close to home this morning. I received a phone call advising me that a very dear friend of my sister and I for over 15 years was on life support. His mother said he had been complaining of headaches and went to the doctors

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  • Guest M



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  • lohlathinks1 1

    japanese encephalitis

    my son caught this last year when travelling in Thailand. He ended up in hospital in Hong Kong. fortunately it was mild and on discharge we were told this might affect the administration of live vaccine in future. He needs a yellow fever vaccination - I have asked GPs and no one seems to know

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  • modernlydie 1

    could this have caused my meningitis?

    Ok, bit of back story (oh and hi!!! Newbie here) 5 weeks prior to being struck by this illness I had a tooth taken out. It was a difficult extraction and took nearly 40 mins to complete. I then suffered from dry socket and was treated on 3 different occasions with antibiotics for infection. I

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  • mrsmackxx 1

    Can you catch Enchepilitis??

    Hi My husband has been really poorly with Enchepilitis was in ICU for 3 weeks in a coma for 2 weeks, he is now on the mend (very slow process) but all positive. Just worried now that myself or our 5 year old son will also get this. I have had severe neck and back ache and tension head ache for last

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  • Poshlass1 1

    Meningitis B Rejected!

    I cannot believe what I have just read in my live feeds. Are the NHS for real? My son had meningitis when he was born and he nearly died! The hospital ended up treating him for all meningitis' in the end as they could not find which one he had. The NHS are saying that meningitis B is not a

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  • geralyn 1
  • Guest M

    I was diagnosed with Acute Disseminated Encephalomyeliti...

    I was diagnosed with Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis in 1975, when I was 31 (I am male). The symptoms hit me about eight days after a bout of mumps. The onset was very sudden - I woke one morning with leg weakness, but later that afternoon I was taken by ambulance to hospital (the Northern

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  • Guest M

    Has anyone experience seizures from Mollarets?

    I have had five bouts of Mollarets Menengitis over the last 30 years. The last episode was so painful in the lower spine down into my legs and hips that I agreed to go on an antiviral medicine daily. I don't know yet if this has been effective since it will just be five years since my last

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  • Guest M

    My father, admited 25 of jan

    hi my father was admited 25 of jan 2010 and was sick from 3 weeks befor with cold and flu also had diorea for 3 to 4 days befor and was feeling better on the morning of the 24 but had his right eye was turned inward he siad he had no headake but did have headakes the weeks befor. his only symptom

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  • emmalou27 1


    when i was 3 i had brain stem encephalitis, i am now 29, i can not speak, i have no control of my facial muscles, i can smile thats a good thing! all the after effects i have, bad memory, bad moods etc all that and the rest. from the scarring the encephalitis left i developed epilepsy at 13, i am

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  • Guest M


    In Feb2009 i became ill with meninigioencephalitis, I knew nothing about it i also have a condition called MEN2 so i though all headaches were conected to that. Also the Friday before i saw a Neuro specialist who said it was migrains. So when home quite on the Tuesday my best friend

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