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Vaccinations and Immunisations

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  • zomber12 1

    Gardasil and hpv

    I have HPV gental warts near 1yo had 2 surgery cleaning but its back again, now i take Isoprinosin feel a bit better. I have virus 6, should i make vacination with gardasil or not? Because i have virus already?

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  • chelles 1

    Should I reject Gardasil vaccine or not?

    All doctors and health practitioners say the same the Gardasil vaccine is safe, lots of doses given with no bad reactions, consequences of getting cancer can be prevented, etc. etc. I hear all this and still worry that my child could be the one freak case that has a life altering

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  • klaire71968 1

    Pneumonia jab, agony

    Had the jab done in my left arm last night and tonight ive developed hard red lumps at the site, it's agony to move arm (I've a very high pain threshold) and shivers and temp? How long is this expected to last, if I had know it would be this bad I would've never had it done!

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  • Pacman mum 2

    Pneumonia vaccine

    Had the vaccine on 3rd November by night time I had no appetite,headache,severe arm pain and hard to move it , no energy atal ,fever, it's now ,6th November and since last night I suddenly git blocked runny nose and cough and clogged up chest ,and sore throat , is this another side effect , what I'

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  • pam34048 4

    I just had my flu and phneumonia shot.

    just had them done two days ago I am 50 so I fet a certain kind.  I noticed I am getting a runny nose, is it possible to get the flu or phneumonia from a shot are they live vaccines 

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  • adrian13839 1

    Anxiety about Rabies

    One week ago I was out on a Run, It was 20 Degress here in Chicago,IL. I ran by a nice little white dog being walked by its owner, I ran by it saw it jump at me like any usual dog has done the past million times Ive ran by one. 10 min later, I felt a rubbing pain, and I realized the dog did make

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  • tamara89 3

    Pneumonia vaccine made me so sick

    On Friday I had the pneumonia and tetanus vaccines and I have to say that was the worst decision ever. By the 25th hour after, Injection site was in my right arm and I am right handed. I cannot move my arm it hurts so badly to even attempt to raise it. My head has been throbbing. Worst headache. My

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  • kanita89971 1

    dog bitting

    I was bitten by neighbourhood dog 🐶, I delayed till 16 days ,then I go to clinic and consult with doctor and have Rabies vaccination. I asked information to dog owner And he said that that has gotten vaccine already. Do I need still worry about Rabies infection??? So far , I feel muscles leg

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  • saurabh29070 1


    i was on intradermal regimen for rabies post-exposure prophylaxis but switched to intra muscular on day 3 since and had both intradermal (.1mlx2) and  intra muscular (1ml) of should i do ? Can I continue with intra muscular from day 7 or coun this intra muscular as day Zero

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  • GamerRukario 1

    Question about Rabies

    Earlier, my little chick got attacked by a cat. She wasn't bitten, only got scratched in her wings. I took a look and touched the chick. I forgot I have a little wound in my thumb, really small wound that isnt bleeding at all, I got it from forcefully removing skin thingys from there. when I

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  • adenuga00382 2

    Hepatitis B vaccine

    I took vaccine of hepatitis B after a day after a test that shows i am negative, now i now feel most of the symptom of Hepatitis B such as joint pain, headeach , can it be that i now have the virus?

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  • umers 2

    Missed Vaccination date

    I have been diagnosed with Dust and pollen allergy. I have very severe issue with allergy and the doctors have prescribed me the allergy vaccine. I have to take a shot every week. The amount/quantity of vaccine increases every week. The problem is, I have missed a few days of vaccinations. What I

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  • umers 2
  • ella99432 2

    Did I ruin my life by taking Gardasil? please read.

    I posted this in the general forum at first because I didn't find this one. Sorry. But I thought I would get more help here so: I am 21 and I asked all my friends if they had gotten any side effects from taking Gardasil. Everyone said no. Even my sister took with without anything bad happening. I

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  • Cmpdw 1


    Hi all, I'm in somewhat of a state of panic and hoping for some reassurances. I'm holidaying currently in Santiago, Chile. There's a lot of street dogs here, they're more or less accepted as part of city life. Anyway, approximately 10 days ago I was walking home along a quiet street and a

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  • sheila49018 2
  • mcncheri 3

    Gardasil Vaccination???

    So, yesterday at my wellness check I was given three vaccinations. One for hep-a, one for meningitis, and one for hpv (gardasil). I've only had one reaction to a vaccination in the psat, when I was 3 or 4 and given the chicken pox vaccine. Despite my mother and I agreeing and informing my doctor I didn'

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  • ab12 1

    Have I had enough Tetanus jabs?

    I have had: DTP (triple) + polio vacc. (Oct 85, Dec 85, Jun 86) Booster DT (double) + polio vacc. (Jan 90) A jab with Tetanus in it (I assume it was a booster) in 2008. Have I had enough Tetanus jabs?

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  • fapr34249 2

    Need some advice on Rubella vacc and trying to conceive

    HI I had a rubella vaccination when I was about 14, which I thought protected you for life. After some recent blood tests my doctor said my immunisation is low and they recommend doing this again. I'm to have 2 jabs, 4 weeks apart (this didn't happen last time I had it) and should abstain from

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  • lucynewas 6

    Should a risk assessment be part of the consent for parents?

    My daughter has had an autoimmune response to HPV vaccine.  This has caused her to miss several weeks of school just as she started the GCSE course.  Further reading has revealed that hers is not a unique reaction. I am pro-vaccine, but I strongly feel that more research should be put into

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  • jakedale08 1

    Hydrogel Butt Augmentation Shots Injection

    Hydrogel Butt Augmentation Shots Injection 1. Upper buttock 2. Middle buttock 3. Lower buttock 4. Hip expansion PMMA,hydrogel butt injection and chicken pill for butt and breast augmentation. Buttocks injections are a great option for anyone looking for more projection on the back end. Most People

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  • gem31798 2

    how many vaccinations at once??

    my children, in the USA, are well behind the doses of vaccine or what have you? AS I am a gentle the very scary diseases vaccinated, one vax shot at a time. But they are entering school and it demands they be fully up to date. school begins in exaclty one month. i have a

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  • marieelle199 4

    hep b booster dose

    My doctor made a mistake and gave me a booster dose for hep B without me actually getting the triple HBV vaccine  was the booster enough to protect me against hep B incase i got exposed 

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  • piplong 1

    BCG TB Vaccination Booster required for work in rural Nepal?

    I know that BSG is the only vaccination currently available for Tuberculosis - but that is efficacy has declined as the disease has developed resistance (a 1998 meta-analysis estimated efficacy of BCG vaccine against tuberculosis reduces the risk of TB by 50%. But geographic latitude of the study

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  • maria 13490 1

    Typhoid vaccines given to child less than 2 yrs of age

    Can anybody help me on this inquiry? What will be the effect of typhoid vaccines to a child less than 2 yrs of age? Based on my research typhoid vaccines should not be given to children below 2 yrs old.  What if it was administered to a child less that 2 yrs of age, what will be the effect?

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  • larry 82872 1

    Pet dog bites...

    Our dog bit me 4 days ago in my right arm punctured it, not a deep one though. Washed it with soap and water then dressed it. I am in hesitance to get a PCEC shot because some of our vaccines available are fly by nights If you know what I mean. Should I wait for the 10-14 days observation period

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  • michael96022 1

    Japanese encephalitis vaccine

    Hello, 5 weeks ago I got a JE vaccine(IXIARO), before going to india for a long working period(1year). The doctor decided I needed JE vaccine because part of the time I will spend in Tamil Nadu, south of India, doing field work in solar fields. I could't wait to get the second shot because I had

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  • atul4142 2
  • rebecca40246 2


    hi does any one no where i can find on the internet any information regarding immunisations / vial codes. so if i had for example my childs medical immunisation numbers from say polio vaccine would i be able to check the immunisation given against the code thank you 

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  • kay0189 1

    I had a pneumonia jab three weeks ago.

    two weeks after having my pneumonia jab I developed shingles.  The first cluster appeared on the exact spot that I had been inoculated in on the top of my arm, followed by more further down the same arm.   It seems a bit of a coincidence.  Does anybody know if there can be a connection with

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  • ian24169 2
  • cp54 1

    Whooping cough vaccination for au

    To any new grandparent hoping to visit a new born in Australia ,you are required to have the whooping cough vaccine prior to your visit, that is the easy bit, the difficult bit is getting the vaccine.  The NHS hold all the stocks for whooping cough and flatly refuse to allow any of THEIR stock to

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  • moni24553 1

    my husband was bit by a Pit Bull dog 12 days ago.

    The wound was deep so he went to the ER 3 days in a row b/c of infection in the end he got a shot of antibiotic and some to take home and a shot for tetanus, the wound was dressed and the dog was quarantined. The dog is fine and has completed it's time in animal control 2 days ago. And last night

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  • mollysox 2

    Flu jab

    I am 65 in January next year. Two in store pharmasists have told me I am entitled to a free one but my GP surgery says no. Can anyone clarify this please? M

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  • alessa31196 2

    What if nurse didn't shake the vaccine well before use?

    I've got my third HPV shot done. And I've read instructions to the HPV vaccine (Gardasil) and it says "Shake well before use". I remember during my second shot the nurse didn't shake the vial with vaccine well. Does it mean that the vaccine might be less effective?

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