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I had a lipoma on the back of my neck from around 2001 w...

I had a lipoma on the back of my neck from around 2001 when it was very tiny, and finally in 2004/5 I decided it was too noticeable and unsightly so I went to see a doctor.

I occasionally get contact dermatitis from cheap nickel based jewllery, and during 1999 I got a nasty patch on my neck resulting from wearing a cheap necklace to a foam party at the student union!!! The dermatitis didn't heal up very fast because it was in a place where it was rubbed and got sweaty, so I used some eczema cream we had at home, a cream called Betnovate containing steroids.

The cream worked and helped the patch on my neck to heal, and I have never since had a severe flare up. However when the lipoma began to swell I was curious to find out if the steroid cream (steroids encourage cell growth right??) had been a contributing factor.

I am now 27yrs old, about 5,7", average build, diabetic and I guess my weight does fluctuate between 11.5stone and 12.5 stone depending ont he seasons:D but I'm not fat by any means.

Anyhow, I went to see a doctor about my neck lump while it was reasonably small, after a small amount of research, and I was understandably worried about cancers. The doctor prodded me and with utter contempt told me it was nothing more than a fatty lump, and not to worry. I left the surgery feeling humiliated and embarrassed.

As the lipoma grew, slowly at first then seemingly faster, I began to notice it more and more. Even though I have long hair it would be more noticeable if I bent my head forward or turned my neck and during lectures and things like that I would bgecome more and more paranoid that people could see it. Especially as I was quite proud of the shape of my neck and shoulders, as a sexy feature of me!

In early 2004 I went back to the doctor who immediately suggested I should have it removed especially as I described the discomfort it was causing. The lump itself did not hurt, but the skin over it felt tight and I could feel the mobility of my neck being reduced so that I would constantly sleep with my head on one side, or try not to bend my neck to the left, but turn my whole body instead.

I was very impressed by the time it took the NHS to get things sorted. I saw a doctor for a consult, he then booked me for an ultrasound.

The lipoma was about 2-5cm in diameter and apparently infiltrating into the muscle tissue of my neck which would make it more difficult to remove. It was another couple of months until I finally went into a local hospital as an out-patient for a removal under local anaesthetic.

I am particularly resistant to anaesthetic (discovered after a terrifying trip to the dentist for wisdom teeth removal!) so I asked for that to be taken into account. The operation took about 30minutes in all, but at one point I was in awful pain and they had to administer extra drugs to get the lipoma out. The surgeon had told me prior that I should have really had a general but because of the placement of the lipoma on the back of my neck it would have been incredibly difficult for the anaesthesiologist to monitor my condition.

I had four stitches, and some numbness for about 6 months. I was hoping that as the lipoma was extracted from such a prominent place they would have used finer stitches or taken a little more care with the scar. It's not horrific to look at, I just feel it could have been tidier.

However, in the last two months I have notcied the lipoma seems to be recurring in the same spot just slightly lower down and feels more solid and rounded before. I am suprised it seems to have recurred so much faster this time, as if a piece was missed last time, and that if I go for a second removal I would get a second scar.

I deally I would like to be put under a general and have the surgeon open me up properly to have a really good rummage and clean ou of this area to cut the chances of it recurring again. I'm not a vain person in the slightest but this lump is already causing me the same discomfort, a sort of tightness and causes me to favour my right neck muscles. I don't want to develop a crooked neck or a stoop ior something from this, I would be fine with a scar if only I could eascape from this nagging feeling that everyone can see my lump and that I can't wear revealing tops without jewellery or a scarf.

I can invent exciting stories for a scar, but a lump is just unsightly and destroys my self-esteem.

Any similar recurrences or issues related to steroids and lipoma appearance as te doctors seem totally unwilling to listen to my concerns on that one.

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