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Just wondering if you have tried this

Would really appreciate hearing from you folks...posts are so encouraging to read.

I had IBS years ago...but the diarrhea problems or pain...just a pesky nuisance...then things changed...

I 'suddenly' have switched to constipation and its extremely difficult for me to pass hard stools. Sometimes Milk of Mag works...Please excuse the graphics but often I have to 'dig' things out to start getting anywhere... Dr said "take Miralax" but even though he found it hard to believe, the stuff made me feel sick!

I used to have luck with Cascara Sagrada capsules, but not lately.

I was wondering if any of you have had a success with Stool Softeners??

I know I don't ALWAYS drink enough water every day, but I usually do...

Just wondering about any of you using stool many, how often, and do they work??

Thanks, everyone!



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