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Alzheimer's Disease

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  • bianca66594 2
  • JakeAksis 2

    Afraid mom might have Alzheimer's, how to bring it up?

    Hi everyone. So over the past few months, my mom's short term memory has gotten worse. She forgets that she told me or someone in my family something already earlier in the day or the day before, she'll notice something new like one of her plants growing a new flower then the next day, notice it again...

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  • harry1962 1

    Mother wandering off - have you used trackers?

    Hi everyone, My mother has recently started wandering off so I was wondering if any of you had an experience using GPS trackers? If so do you have any recommendations as to which are good? There seems to be a bewildering array of options to choose from (with a huge range of prices!). I've read a few...

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  • poet 2

    Dementia - early stages

    I find that I can get no help, advice or training on how best to support my wife with the early stages of Alzheimers. So far the most stressful period was when I believed she was suffering from dementia - there were indications in 8 of the common symptoms. For months our GP and my wife's mental health...

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  • patty10 2

    mums crying

    hi.mum has had alzheimers for 7 years now.shes been in hospital for the last 3 months and is now unable to walk.she,s always cried a bit with this terrible disease but now shes crying all the time especially when we leave the hospital to go home.asking to come home.its heartbreaking.what can we do

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  • nixb66 1

    Is it possible to be misdiagnosed?

    Hello I am asking the above question because I have these niggling thoughts about my MIL's diagnosis of Alzheimers at the age of 67. The reason being is that, without going into all the nitty-gritty, she has had for the last 10 years a fair amount of trauma - she lost her mother, a few friends - one...

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  • amberlad1 1

    I will be very grateful if you can help me

    Hello,  I am currently in my second year of college doing a BTEC in Health and Social Care. As part of my current assingment I am creating a care pathway for an individual with Alzheimers and need a primary sorce, in which I would be very greatful if you could answer these two questions.  How effectivly...

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  • 2littleboys 2

    Dad has Alzheimer's...

    My dad was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's 2 years the diagnosis came around after my mums concerns about his short term memory problems. After diagnosis he was put on Aricept and he still has a good quality of life as he knows everyone and where he lives etc but has serious short term memory...

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  • Despair 2

    Mother-in-law in Assessment Unit.....Decision making?

    My mother-in-law has Alzheimers.   Recently, her ability to communicate effectively and take care of herself has substantially diminished - I mean, almost overnight!  Through an incident, she ended up in an Assessment Unit and we have been told, informally, that she will not be returning home where she...

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  • ami72 1
  • elizabeth186 3

    Mild small vessel disease

    After a recent mri scan of my bran, I have been told that I have non specifics white matter signal changes, likely reflecting mild small vessel disease. Iam 59 years old and terrified that this means I will end up with vascular dementia .   Has anyone else ever had this type of diagnosis that could through...

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  • ravi18199 1
  • 1962 2

    Worried and don't know what to do for the best

    Im convinced I have the early stages of Alzheimer's but am terrified of going to be tested . one reason I am scared is my husband says " he would rather not know "  i guess this sounds a little selfish on his part but I know he wouldn't handle it very well at all ...   

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  • lostinFrance 2

    short term memory

    Does anyone have any tips for help in remembering things re short term memory? I would be so grateful for any ideas.

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  • margaret92265 2

    Alzheimer's Disease

    My Wife was diagnosed with the above 2010 started with memory problems 2008. she is now in a nursing home, and as gone into a very quite stage of the desease. I wonder if having Epilepsy all her life and being on medication, Phenytoin twice a day as led to the cause of Alzheimer's she is now  81 years...

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  • MelissaDaly 1

    I need information about alzeheimers

    Hi there, My name is Melissa Daly, I am a student at Nottingham Trent University. I am doing research into dementia and Alzheimer's to design a product to improve or act as an aid to make life easier for them. This is very close to my heart as I have many family members who have dementia and Alzheimer's....

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  • peter15273 2

    Loss of PIPs

    Many people are loosing their PIP's payment due to over zealous action by the government. I'm effected badly by this action, how many others have been hit.

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  • Delau 2

    Alzheimer's disease

    Hello everyone, My grandmother has Alzheimer's disease. When I go see her for a visit she barely recognize me. She asks the same question 3 or 4 times. She tells us crazy stories. I think she doesn't even know she is suffering from this disease. I just don't know how to react. I'd like some advice to...

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  • zekel46661 2

    Sharing in a Caregiving Community

    Keep a family calendar in a central location in our home, as well as a dry erase board for communicating. We also keep a relatively rigid routine when it comes to bedtime/waking up; weekends are not much different than work days.  

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  • desy 6320 1

    Doctors don't know what's wrong with me please help

    I got back from Pakistan after missions work and started to get pain in my abdomen. The pain then spread to all over my body. And then I started getting symptoms of every kind. Memory loss, I can watch a movie and two days later forget what movie I watched, stuttering, my glands are swollen a lot, no...

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  • lynne4ruth 1

    Bullous pemphigoid

    Hi, i am not the patient, my name is lynne and myself and my husband jeff are the main carers for his 72 year old sister who lives with us. She is in the last stages of Alzheimer's, she also has dementia and all the breaking down of her body due to this. She is doubly incontinent and is totally bedridden...

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  • lizhiker 1

    Should my father go to a doctor?

    My Dad is 71 and has been exhibiting a gradual decline of mental functions for many years. He now has difficulty following multi-step directions, is starting to get disoriented in the small town in which he lives, and repeatedly asks for the same information over and over. However, along with this decline...

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  • georgina37455 2


    I want to find out as much as I can about Donepezil, otherwise known as Aricept. My husband has bn diagnosed with early Alzheimer's and the memory service are suggesting this might be of benefit for him. What I'm most worried about is if there is any chance it may worsen his symptoms prematurely. I'm...

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  • Hannah Designer 1
  • fouad02037 1

    Recent memory strange behavior

    Hello, My Mom, 54 years old had a brain aneurysm exploded 9 months ago, suffered from significent bleeding and now has a shunt. However she recovered very well, but only one thing is remaining which is recent memory. Doctors confirmed that recent memory is totally damaged and it could be irreversable,...

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  • debra43286 1
  • anna73121 2
  • GMullen94 1

    Do you have a loved one with Alzheimers?

    Hi everyone,  Do you have a loved one with Alzheimers? Are you a full time carer for them? How are you and your family affected by it? Or do you know some else who is/has been affected by the disease? Would you like to talk about your experience? Or do you know someone who would?  Alzheimers Disease...

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  • lisa89524 2

    My mother's Dementia

    Hi I'm new here. My mother is 75, has dementia and lives by her self. She was diagnose summer last year, it's has advanced quickly. My mother has lost the ability to feel hungry and she can't remember what she had for breakfast after we had just had it together! She hallucinate and accusation of stealing. ...

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  • poet 2

    Fearful - unsure

    I have noticed character changes in my wife for the past three or so years. This last year her sons have expressed their concerns as to their mother's memory and character change. Also there has been quite a rapid deterioration in memory, logic, opinions and decisions. No one has said dimentia or Alzheimers...

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  • joyce59737 2

    How to cope when some one Alzheimer's .

    My young sister became a victim of this Alzheimer's disease about 3years ago at age 64 they tried different medics  nothing worked for her. Now in a home and to me it seems she gone done very quick ,I visit twice a week but and to watch her eat is very heart breaking it goes every where and the thing...

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  • stephaney28634 5

    Unsusal dementia

    Hi, my gran is 83 years old . She has Dementia and she keeps moving things not out back where they were. Is everyone else have any relation like this?

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  • Guest M

    My father has suffered Alzheimers for a number of years ...

    My father has suffered Alzheimers for a number of years now and he seems to have reached that happier place that he is less aware of his condition than the rest of us are. He benefits from medication - he became able to interact with and recognise people he knows that he doesn't see daily. What we have...

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  • Guest M

    memantine confusion

    Since starting Memantine for Azheimers (now only 5mg a day) my mother has had numerous falls and a marked deterioration in language and general abilities caused by confusion and drowsiness.

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  • frieda31609 2

    Early onset Alzheimers

    Does anyone have any experience with early onset Alzheimers disease? My mother suffered from this dreadful condition from the the age of 47 and eventually died at 56. I have been having memory problems recently and have been thinking of having genetic testing. I'm only 40

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