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Autistic Spectrum Disorders

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  • Gemtail 2

    How Do I Deal With My Boyfriend With Aspergers?

    I don't have anything wrong with me on the autistic spectrum. However, as the title says, my boyfriend does. Now, I also have anxiety and depression (recently diagnosed and I just started medication) so some of his antics have been grating on me. We are both freshmen in college and our first

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  • shaza02116 2

    Communication is key

    So, I can relate to most of the posts. My boyfriend of 6 weeks is not aware of the fact that he may have a mild form of either Asperger’s or Autism. He has all the symptoms posted here and in other articles. I have a son with Special needs and he does not have Autism but I started seeing the signs

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  • selfbiasresisto 2

    My 'issues'

    I am 38 and have severe social withdrawal all my life (I have maybe used a phone a half dozen times in my life, I am petrified of it). I am very data minded and one of my hobbies is statistics. I have never been diagnosed as autistic, but I have several likenesses. I always thought I would die at

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  • anais84202 2

    Could I have aspergers or extreme social anxiety disorder?

    I don't know if I have aspergers syndrome or extreme social anxiety (or something else). I'm trying to get a good idea of what it could be so I can talk to my doctor about it. I'm 18 and I have no friends and rarely leave my house (never alone). I've had 'friends' but have never felt comfortable

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  • hannah46481 1

    Signs of autism in my 1 year old?

    hi everyone my son is 14 months old and I believe he is showing signs of autism. I really want someone else's opinion. signs are he flaps his arms he has no interest in other children  he doesn't point or wave but he does clap. he won't look at something I point to. Only my hand. he has an

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  • karpher 2

    I think my 18 daughter my have autism spectrum disorder.

    My daughter will almost be 19 years old.  She has Neurofibromitosis type 1 (NF1).  Recently I googled NF1 and autism, because I feel she is too different and may never move out of the house because of it.  Can anyone tell me if they have experienced anything to do with autism spectrum disorder.  I

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  • sarahf89 2

    Struggling with diagnoses.

    I am 27 I got diagnosed with ASD a couple of months ago I have kind of come to terms with the diagnosis but I hate who I am I hate how I act and how I behave ... I understand this is prob to do with the ASD but I hate it and this wish I could be okay with who I am and how I act. I work full time

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  • mohammad10304 1
  • jayne29506 1

    Add son refuses to go to school

    My 4 year old and son refuses to go to school. What should I do? I can not get him dressed as he is so strong and kicks me. He screams and thrashes about. The shear mention of the word school or the sight of his uniform results in a meltdown. It is like I am taking him into a burning house. He

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  • snotty 3

    Rescently diagnosed

    Hi my son was rescently diagnosed with high functioning Aspergers. He is currently 18. The sad part is his father and I have known he has had this since he was a really young age but the psychiatrists kept saying no it's just adhd and odd which he also happens to have aswell. He has had a hard life

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  • sonja73375 2

    Does my child have autism? How to recognize it??

    My son is 3  He has no interst in doesn't want to play with other children. He doesnt show any interest when his grandparents are coming emotions at all. Im an it be just his character??or is it smth to worry about and go to therapist?

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  • Idont 2

    Could I possibly have Asperger syndrome?

    I don't really know where to start, but I guess I should start from my childhood. I have always been the elephant in the room who nearly never speaks and avoids other people. I've noticed I feel better and in fact, that's the only time when I talk and it's in very small groups of up to 2 people who

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  • kellyzboyz 3

    24 yr. old with Asperger's

    My 24 year old son is about 6 credits away from Ass. Degree. Was going to school to be an X-ray tech and hospital stopped program just as he was about to transfer. He just doesn't know what to do now. He doesn't feel comfortable around people, doesn't have a lot of confidence ( recently dropped

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  • alexia 07003 1


    Since the 3rd grade my brother has been told he has a mental disability; so they say. He is 12 years old now and I feel as if they, the pshcologist and teachers, have blowen this out of porportion. I am tired of them constantly telling me he is not able to handle the same level of learning other

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  • barbara98940 6

    Hypothyroid mother & child with autistism/aspergers

    Researchers have recently identified a link between low thyroid hormone levels in pregnancy and the child's inability to do mental maths & reduced height. (See daily mail article by searching 'daily mail pregnancy mental maths'). I think it goes further than this, I think there's a link with low

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  • lucynewas 6

    Autism in girls - UK based info required

    My 15 year old daughter has high functioning autism and is going to be sitting her GCSEs in 2016. She doesn't disrupt the classroom, so we have failed to get her an EHC plan.  The local autism specialist from the integrated disabilty service is coming into school to do some training with the staff

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  • mike1989 2
  • cathy49344 2


    i don't know what to do. i have a 3 tear old grandson. and im ssssssoooooooo warried about him. and his futuer. sorry if i'm noy spelling some words right im typing in the dark so i dont wake my husband

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  • Mdot631 1

    I'm angry all the time since his diagnosis

    My little boy just turned 2 1/2 and was diagnosed with asd 5 months ago. It changed me in a lot of ways. I'm not used to opening up about my feelings and not one of those guys that is on social media so bear with me. I've always been a rough and tumble, depressed and angry ,alpha male type my

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  • charlie51953 2


    Hi I been told my son got autism and i Blame my self i cant sleep because of it Was it something i did or eat when i was Carrying him i feel alone because. My Family dont understand they dont want him to have it they cannot cope with the news they dont even come around to the house

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  • Inzy 2
  • jack11254 1

    Do I have aspergers?

    I am 14 years old and in 8th grade. My dad thinks I have aspergers and actually lied to me and said I was going to the doctors because I "have" diabetes. *Note* I don't have diabetes and I am 5"10 150 pounds. My dad thinks I have no friends, but in reality, I text them all the time and I always

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  • PB213 2

    Benefit of adult diagnosis?

    Hi, So I'm a 23 year old male and having researched Aspergers and High-functioning Autism I've found that I fill most of the criteria, but not all, for diagnosis. In fact when I was younger it was suspected I did indeed have aspergers however it was never followed up. Over the years I've built

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  • jane54634 2

    Feeling most with my teen autistic son

    I wish I could just put my 17 year high functioning autistic son in secure housing as he doesn't do anything, sleeps sends me out for takeaways, doesn't talk and breaks things if he doesn't get what he wants anyone for the same problems?

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  • jonathan58 3

    Could I have Asperger's Syndrome?

    I don't like being around other people as I feel awkward, I keep going on and on about the same thing, I don't really like being touched, I hate loud noises (such as thunder or fireworks), I feel better when I'm on my own, I don't feel very empathic when people are sad, I struggle to speak to

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  • barbara98940 6

    Hypothyroid mother & child with autistism/aspergers

    Researchers have recently identified a link between low thyroid hormone levels in pregnancy and the child's inability to do mental maths & reduced height. (See daily mail article by searching 'daily mail pregnancy mental maths'.I think it goes further than this, I think there's a link with low

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  • drut 2

    Nonverbal Learning Disorder

    I was diagnosed with this in my fifties, and am having a hard time finding therapists who really know anything about this. I'd like to hear from others who have been diagnosed with NLD. 

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  • Soocee67 2

    Teenager with aspergers

    My grandson was diagnosed at 8 and has received quite a bit of support over the years. He is quiet and quite shy and sensitive. My main worry is i his very poor self image. He will not look n a mirror at all or at photos of himself. How can we help him?

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  • madison8585 1

    Autism help!

    I have been experiencing autistic like symptoms for a while. I have very strong sensory problems, I can't wear regular jeans or eat a lot of foods, I also have several tics such as head nodding and throat clearing. I have trouble speaking in front of others that are not my friends. Could someone

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  • angela291164 2
  • Barnaby36 1

    ASD question re. teens

    Does anyone know -- do kids/adolescents typically manifest signs of ASD more clearly as they get older or not?  As an educator, I'm seeing a couple kids over the years seem to display ASD indications more clearly, but I could be way off base here. Thanks

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  • sajid29607 1
  • gage55808 1

    Have a lot of questions, any help would be great

    I don't even know where to begin. I guess a good spot would be to say that I've always had trouble with myself my whole life. Some things that are considered incredibly easy have been incredibly hard for me, and recently, my girlfriend notified me of a thought she had been having for a while: that

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  • liz01114 1

    Is it Autism? please help

    I have a child who is under camhs for low mood and anxiety and is after a round of therapry which hasnt helped now moving onto CBT to see if this helps. my other 2 elder children are autistic HF and one of these children is home tutored and is under a london clinic for anxiety and depression and

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  • carmel83758 6

    Friend has Undiagnosed Aspergers

    He is a lovely man, very well educated, smart, intelligent, decisive, confident, not at all the sort who needs support or help, in fact quite the other way around,many would want help and support from him. But it is obvious to my trained eye that he has aspergers, and this gets in the way of his

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