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  • gem99427 1

    Head mri results help!

    Hi could someone please explain these results to me? A tumor was suspected due to severe headaches but my review is not until 2 months time so is this lesion not a tumor or is it a tumor but not cancerous? If it is a tumor what should happen next? So worried thank you in advance for any help x ...

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  • james40298 2

    Side effects of IV contrast media

    I had a CT scan on Wednesday just gone which involved an injection of iodine contrast material. 24 hours after i started getting tingling in my feet and hands and feeling a little 'foggy'. I am also experiencing mild muscle aches in my legs and forearms. Has anyone else experienced similar or can anyone...

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  • kylie29566 2

    Had Brain MRI scan today, please someone reassure me!

    Hi, I had an MRI scan done this morning via the NHS. After we finished the nurse and the guy who had taken the images seemed really weird. He didn't even talk to me and gave me a concerned and weird look. Then I thought I saw two white circles on one of the images I peeked on. Afterwards I rang my GP...

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  • kelan00400 2

    CT Scan Safety

    Hello, I have a general concern about radiation.  My 15 year old daughter has had a bad year.  She had a sports inury that led to 2 Xrays, one foot, one shin.  Recently, she was in the ER due to suspected apendicitis.  The doctor ordered an abdominal CT scan.  Besides these, she had a couple of dental...

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  • james40298 2

    CT scan with contrast in a few days

    Hi there I have been having some issues in my abdomen along with some itching of late. As a result, i am going to be having a CT scan with injected contrast in a few days time. I was wondering, how safe is the contrast and is there anything i should be aware of during the scan? Any input would be greatly...

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  • mark45986 1

    Mri reaction

    Hi has anyone had a reaction to an MRI scan i had one last week didnt have the dye neither did i put the gown on i went in and had it in normal clothes since ive had this i have a really bad burning feeling on my body like bad sunburn my skin is tender and its traveled down and mad my legs feel tender...

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  • carly80320 1

    Question regarding MRI about thecal sac reduction

    Is a 1.5mm reduction in thecal sac within 3 weeks a big deal? How much reduction in a thecal sac is something to be concerned with? --This is the end impression of an MRI w/o contrast in comparison to an MRI from 3 weeks ago The focal right paracentral protrusion identified at C5-6 on the previous...

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  • sharon80032 1

    Post menopausal bleeding

    Hi im new here... I had a biopsy on 11 th may and ultrasound done on my the lining was 7.5 mm And showed a growth so had biopsy. Was told by consultant she would phone last thursday but hasnt. ..yet The not knowing is worse.. Has anyone has experience if this. I got an infection after biopsy So im on...

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  • ishaw 1
  • Jasmain 1

    Bone marrow biopsy

    Hi, when I was 18 years I did a bone marrow biopsy. Now I'm 23 and it still hurts. I can't stand or sit for too long, can't walk for too long either. I can't sleep on one side too long. I don't know if they did something wrong. I haven't been able to work since. And this just sucks.

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  • Carolineq8 5

    Neck and upper back spasm, will it show on mri

    Hi guys I'm back again, so today I had my annual MRI on all areas of my spine, I have l4/5 fussion, thoracic arachnoid cyst compressing spinal cord, cervical degeneration with bone spurs, disc bulges at 4 levels and slight lordosis, however I woke this morning with upper back and neck spasm this is the...

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  • radlabs28915 1

    Want to know about Regular Health Checkups

    Hi, Good Morning all. My name is Shiva from Hyderabad. I am a new joiner in this forum. Today we will discuss. What did you know about Regular health checkups? What are the main benefits of Regular Health checkups? I am waiting for your reply. Thank You

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  • venkat sai 2

    MRI Scan benefits

    Hi Good Evening All.... Today we discuss. what are the benefits of MRI Scan? Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a type of scan that uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves to produce detailed images of the inside of the body. MRI scan can be used to examine almost any part of the body.There are...

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  • RainbowBrain 1

    25 & new constant headaches w/ other symptoms

    - I have had daily headaches for around 4 months now, especially in the morning. It feels like constant pressure, and always worse after sleep. - Dizziness - Blurred vision at times - Loss of balance at times (running into walls, accidentally broke a hanging picture recently). Maybe unrelated,...

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  • natt1718 2

    Need Help Understanding MRI Results, Chronic Back Pain

    I've been living with chronic back pain for approx 10 years now that's progressively worsened after each pregnancy, 4 pregnancies total within a 10 year time frame. The pain is daily and affects my lower back, upper buttock, thighs and hips. I had my first MRI when I was 17 that showed some mild nerve...

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  • Tesla926 1

    My Dr ordered a CT scan of my lungsi

    My Dr ordered a CT scan of my lungs. I was a previous smoker. It showed 2 nodules and 'old' scar tissue from pneumonia. To my knowledge I have never had pneumonia. She wants to retest in 6 months. Anyone ever had this problem? I am a 59 to female in otherwise good health. I would think I would know if...

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  • abi16349 1

    I had pain in my left ear since one year

    hello there I feel pain in left ear if i exposed to air in the sense if i go for a ride in bike or if i used to sit under fan keeping it at maximum speed. Last time i visited to ent and doctor suggested me to have brain MRI scan. my scan results that i have T2 and FLAIR hyperintensivities in white matter...

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  • marie13049 3

    Trace of blood and leucocytes

    Just had a cystoscopy to day and everything is ok.  Anybody in this forum has unexplained trace of  blood and leucocytes? Ultra sound picked 2 small kidney stones and a small angiomyolipoma.  CT scan did not show any kidney stones, mystery did I pass them out without knowing. I would have thought a ct...

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  • melissasmith74 2

    Questions on my MRI's on abdominal and Pelvic

    On January 15, I ended up at the ER with sharp pain in lower left side of my abdominal area. They did a catscan with contrast and found out I had thickening of large colon with swollen lymph nodes and my white blood cell count was high. And saw a spot on my liver ( which I've had since 2011) So, they...

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  • sue87527 1

    very worried about MRI Image

    Short back story… I have been experiencing a feeling of “heaviness” on the right side of my body for about 2 weeks now. I had headaches a few days last week and twitching in my face. I went to a Neurologist and he didn’t seem to worried by my symptoms but send me to get a brain MRI with and without contrast...

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  • venkat sai 2

    What is CT Scan and CT Scan Uses

    Hi Good Evening All.. Today we discuss about, What is use of CT Scan? Computerized Tomography (CT) scan is a combination of series of X-ray images taken from various angles and uses computer processing to create cross-sectional images, or slices, of bones, blood vessels & other soft tissues inside...

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  • felicia87133 2

    MRI internal burn

    My thighs were burnt by a MRI,first it made bright red lumps all down my thigh, up to my pubic area. The. I got huge blisters and had to stay in the hospital an extra week. Once the exterior burns were pretty healed, i tried to have intercourse, and was not able to. I went to the obgyn and my pelvis...

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  • helen10458 2

    Has anyone experience of a weight-bearing MRI? Please help

    Hi, To cut a very long story short I have had chronic pain (sciatica from my left buttock and into my foot) for five years now. I have had seven flat MRI scans all of which show L5/S1 and L3/4 prolapses and DD with an anular tear but no nerve root impingement. I have been hospitalised twice last year with...

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  • venkat sai 2

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

    Hi Good Morning All.. This is Venkat sai from Hyderabad. I am new joiner in this forum. Today we discuss about, What is use of MRI? It is an imaging test that uses powerful magnets and radio waves to create images or pictures of your body in detail. It has become the preferred procedure for diagnosing...

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  • elizabeth 03284 3

    MRI Tech seemed stumped, now I'm worried!

    I had an MRI for a lump that was felt behind my knee by my orthopedic doctor. I've been seeing an orthopedist for leg weakness and lump behind my knee. He told me that he wasn't at all concerned about the lump. He was sending me for an EMG which he thought could be related to the weakness in my leg....

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  • jack1239 1

    Had mri Monday in need of help

    Hi, almost 4 years I had a benign tumour in my skull, thankfully it was completely removed and for the past 4 years I've had follow up scans just to check its all ok and it has been, but I always had the scan then about 2 hours after it I would get the resu,to face to face with my consultant. But the...

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  • facundo 1

    Blurred vision and lots of shaking. What is this?

    Hey guys! I've been having a thing that's happened to me two times over the course of six months. I'll try to explain and be as detailed as possible and maybe someone can help me. What happened these two times is that all of a sudden I start feeling very dizzy, my body feels very heavy and I get blurry...

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  • abigail81545 2

    Had mri immediately told urgent?

    Hi all, newbie here! Sorry this ended up being a looooong winded rant boo I fell down stairs nearly 3 weeks ago, I stood up and my right shoulder felt like it went back in its socket followed by intense pain. A+e xrayed, put in sling, said possible fracture top of femur and it was back in socket,...

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  • Lstcktn 2

    Mri Scan Resuilts Help

    Just Have my Resuits back from my mri scan and was hoping someone can help with resuilts as i dont understand them...been having serve back pain for years and getting worse where no pain relief would help...this is what the concluion of the mri scan:- ​active osteochondrosis, discopathy and disc protrusion...

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  • noonoo100177 2


    Hi I've received I letter from neurologist saying my my mri head and whole spine has not shown any acute abnormality but am seeing the neurologist what does this mean a family member who has ms has said this doesn't rule ms out at all please give me ur advice thank you xx

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  • noonoo100177 2

    Mri results

    Hi I've had my mri scan brain and spine. I've rang up neurology department for my results and was told they can't give results out over the phone and are been sent to my doctors. So I then asked on the phone could you tell me if I'm seeing the neurologist again and she said yes you are seeing the neurologist...

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  • angie44459 1

    I need help understanding my xray

    There is slight disc space narrowing at C4/C5 and C6/C7. There is slight reversal of the normal cervical curvature and straightening which could be related to positioning or muscle spasm.

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  • eli56302 1

    Can someone explain my MRI results in layman's terms?

    I'm a 21 y/o male with the following symptoms: Muscle twitching, muscle pain, facial numbness, arm and leg numbness/tingling, back tingling, middle-upper back pain, muscle loss in palms of hands so that they are caving in, heightened foot arches, etc..  I'm a 21-year-old male. Also had an EMG and nerve...

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  • aruna77773 1

    Liver Function Test Benefits

    Liver function tests measure various chemicals in the blood made by the liver. An abnormal result may indicate a problem with your liver and may help to identify the cause. Further tests may be needed to clarify the cause of your liver problem. Liver function tests help determine the health of your liver...

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  • jesserik 1

    Frozen hip / labral tear

    Ok so I am actually in the process of finding out what is wrong with my hip as well. This is my third opinion in about a year and I just wanted an answer. I def know how you feel about wanting an answer for being in pain. I was a figure skater and may be reason y it happened but still unsure. I have...

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