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  • kittylamb 3

    no quad control following arthroscopy

    hi there had a routine right knee arthroscopy under gen anaesthetic in nov 2012. 2 weeks later on removing dressing and stiches, physio noted i was unable to do a straight leg raise. was sent to physio, had lots of tests and 2 years later am still unable to do a striaght leg raise, use stairs

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  • southernmom 2

    arthroscopic chondroplasty

    I had  arthroscopic chondroplasty 12 days ago.  A part of me is happy I got it done and the other part says why did you do this to yourself.   I started physcial therapy the day after.  It was very light that day and as time went on I have done more.  But I can't stand or walk without the

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  • dana23702 1
  • lynn06237 2


    Hi had my knee arthroscopy done 4 weeks tomorrow, and oh my how I wish I hadn't had it done, my knee cap is so painful, going up and down stairs and out of a chair is so painful, didn't think I was going to be in a worse state after having it done, anybody feeling the same

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  • Nunchub 1

    Should I go ahead?

    I am due to have a total knee replacement (right side) in two weeks time, I have been reading many forums and to be honest quite a lot of horror stories, I am now totally undecided as to whether I should go head! My pre op is on Monday but spent a sleepless night last night so thought I

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  • tim37853 2

    Finding it hard with motivation

    Hey all, I had acl and medial meniscus reconstruction surgery on my 18th birthday 2 years ago and I was on crutches for 13 weeks which led to all my muscle gone. 1 month ago I just had another surgery on my meniscus. I got informed I have about 20 years left in the knee before I'm looking at a full

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  • Moosn8r 2

    How much pain and swelling is normal following knee arthroscopy?

    I'm new to this, so please bare with me. Doc told my husband he was disappointed at how much arthritis is in my knee joint (bone on bone); fixed a small tear in maniscus; and cleaned up what he could. I'm starting day 3 post-op and have what I consider extreme swelling and sometimes excruciating

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  • shayna09 1

    Issues after knee replacement, please help!

    I am a 25 year old female and I had total knee replacement performed a little over 6 months ago (September 2016). I believe I have had more issues after the surgery than I did before. I still have constant pain and stiffness in my knee. The pain I feel is a different type of pain, it almost feels

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  • eileen30669 2

    Leg length

    Hi everyone having now been 17 days post op I am feeling a little pain at times. I feel quite feverish and shivery at night and can't seem to get warm. I totter about indoors with no crutches and feel as long as I'm not feeling much pain it's OK to this as it strengthens muscles that were not

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  • Wilsont 2

    Three weeks later

    I had surgery on the 13th of march went home 15th. I feel that I was poorly informed about every and all things concerning the wellness of my nurses didn't say if it should be covered if or what to clean I fell on it on the 3rd and its swelled and its leaking clear stuff help

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  • joanne33336 2
  • Janice5959 2

    Knee arthroscopy

    Hi I'm new to this, anyone had this op and still not walking properly, or knee not weight bearing going down stairs after 4 months? My weight is in proportion to my height so that's not the problem, totally fed up with it, thanks

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  • ioana51413 2

    shop with wheelchair in Frankfurt am Main?

    very urgent please : Please help me with contact datas about shops in FRANKFURT AM MAIN which are selling from stock  rollstuhle= wheelchairs  for children  ( 6 years old) .  WE need to buy one NOT to rent it.

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  • jenna21137 1

    Knee pain almost 1 year after arthroscopy.

    So i tore my meniscus in the summer of 2015 and had surgery to repair it June 2015. (I was 16 at the time). fast forward to march 2016, i ended up tearing my meniscus a second time and had another surgery to repair it. i went through all the rehab steps and haven't experienced many problems with my

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  • kley81 1

    Knee orthoscopy

    Hello, I had a scope done on 2/20/17 so it hasn't been a full week yet. I am finding that without my walker (I opted for that instead of crutches because of my fused wrist). I am steady to walk short distances (to and from kitchen or bathroom, bedroom--my house is small, about 900 or so sq ft).

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  • donna 26843 1
  • 00julianne00 2

    12 weeks post ankle lateral ligament stabilisation

    Hey guys Has anyone else had arthroscopy lateral ligament stabilisation? ( I also got 2 screws) I am 12 weeks post op and i dont feel any better, The exercises the physio has given me are agony to do & she said my ankle is still very stiff but its getting there. After walking for about 1 hour (

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  • robin23773 1
  • Hulieuk 2

    Knee surgery

    I had a knee arthroscopy last Friday and lateral realignment plus other things. I have 23 clips in my knee and also recently discovered I had an infection in my leg! The thing that is bothering me more than anything is try as much as I like I cannot lift my leg, I've not been advised to do this

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  • Wolfie0617 2

    Arthroscopic knee surgery 2 weeks ago question

    Post op 2 weeks, had to walk with walker straight out of surgery because of torn shoulders. 46 had mutiple tears lateral & medial the one side was torn totally up and down, the other not as bad. Advised I need a knee replacement Maybe if lucky I have 5 years. Pretty much bone on bone doo he also

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  • ioana51413 2

    discoid meniscus

    My 5 year old niece has discoid meniscus. She can not strech her knee and she is limping. She already  starts kinethotherapy, swimming, hydrokinethotherapy. What should we do?

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  • humpalumpa 2

    Carotid Endarterectomy

    had this procedure two years ago, but recently have had problems over scar area , has anyone else experienced this type of problem  

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  • mike20971 1

    2nd Shoulder Surgery

    In 4 days I'm having surgery on my right shoulder to repair a torn biceps tendon, a torn labrum, a damaged collar bone, and a torn rotator cuff. All of which was the result of a work injury. Any thoughts as to how long the recovery might be? I've never had to have this much done in one shot.

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  • stephen60577 2

    Knee surgery

    Had problems with left knee for years, had surgery 3days ago and had brief talk with surgeon afterwards, he said 'we've done what we can but it's quite worn, anybody else been told this and ended up with new knee, can't talk to surgeon for six weeks,

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  • heather11143 2
  • taimoor al92720 1

    Pain in knee for past 01 year due to injury while playing squash

    In August, 15, I was playing squash and I felt pain in knee. My bad, I didn't pay any heed and kept playing. And after 20 days, I left playing coz I couldn't walk due to pain in inner side of right knee. I had mri done in October, 15 and Orthopedic surgeon suggested me rest and some painkillers. I didn'

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  • devinder13139 1


    I had Atroscopic surgery on my left knee 9 weeks ago. The swelling has gone down but the knee joints are very stiff especially when I get up in the morning. I have a pool in the complex and swim back stroke twice a day and do walking in the water and Aqua Cycling. Its alright after the swim but I

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  • Holly1997yollh 2

    Post op MRI

    Hello all, I recently had an MRI of my hip. I had a larval repair 12/23 but still have pain. The MRI showed the following and I was wondering if anyone had any input before I hear from my Dr. 1) adjacent micrometallic artifact/surgical residual is identified 2) a diminutive anterior superior

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  • waqas48758 2

    knee Arthiscopy

    Good day just received mri report after having knee pain in both knees for a year which was bad during last months and now getting better after still need to are, 1. Fliud signal intensity area is seen in body and posterior horn of mediAl meniscus of left knee joint

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  • grandmaDylan 4

    still in pain

    I had an arthroscopy and a complex meniscal tear trimmed 2 weeks ago. I have had pain  on and off for about15 years in this knee although it became unbearable last september. The surgeon brought me a specimen jar containing the large piece of debris which he had removed and I hoped that that would

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  • freestork 3

    Torn Meniscus post op problems

    I had an arthoscopy for a torn meniscus in February this year. The procedure went well and I was back in work after 2 days, given I have a desk job. I have athrritis also in this knee. For the past few months my knee has been giving me a lot of pain. My GP referred me for physio, which although

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  • deb80187 2

    Depression after knee replacement

    I had my right knee replacement almost 7 weeks ago and while my physical recovery has been very good I find myself in a depression that is overwhelming. Has anyone else experienced this?

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  • kathryn 09293 2

    Post knee operation 9 weeks

    Hi I am post 9 weeks now was doing ok til went to see physico at t work who said I have got a infection and a low vitamin d decfiency really had enough now with the pain and restless leg syndrome at night don't want to take any depression tablets anyone else had this I know this is a long

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  • kathryn 09293 2

    Post op knee

    I am nearly 8 weeks post op been doing ok til a few days ago getting pain all down my leg and now back and hip hurting anyone else experienced this also I am not been able to get up and down stairs with out putting 2 feet on steps getting worried now

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  • katie45534 1
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