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Deep Vein Thrombosis

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  • Guest M

    Hi,I'm a 24 and i have "post-thrombotic syndrome".

    Hi,I'm a 24 and i have "post-thrombotic syndrome". Two years ago I had a DVT that ran from my foot to about the height of my belly button. I have recently had a "doppler" and the clot has only partly cleared. It is still badly blocked in my thigh region and I've been told it

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  • sheila91262 5

    post thrombotic syndrome New treatment available.

    Hi I am posting this information as I have been searching for sometime to get some help with my son's post thrombotic syndrome. He had major surgery last DEC 14 and recovered well and had anti coagulation treatment whilst in hospital but after being home for 2 weeks he developed a severe, extensive dvt,...

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  • Guest M

    Healthy lifestyle and prevention of DVT huh? I exercise...

    Healthy lifestyle and prevention of DVT huh? I exercise everyday, I have never smoked, I am not on the pill, I am a healthy weight, I eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day and yet I have a popliteal DVT, why? I'm only 45 and cycle the 18 miles to work each day. Now I am totally sedentary whilst

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  • rhian 88944 1

    3 DVT in 4yrs. Currently on Rivaroxaban

    Hi, Just after a bit of advice and reassurance really. I had my first DVT 3yes ago behind my right knee. Then Feb last yr I was diagnosed with PE in both lungs. Since the PE I have been on rivaroxaban and will be for life now. However I am certain I have a blood clot in my lower right leg. I

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  • Guest M

    My legs where itchy , and so swollen at times the skin o...

    My legs where itchy , and so swollen at times the skin on my shins was red ,shiny and I felt my legs would burst, so uncomfortable. A visit to the surgery resulted in being told my B P was up. I do also suffer from water retention, hence the swelling. The nurse had a talk with my Dr. (I didn't

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  • Pandacake 2

    Swelling without pain? + What does DVT feel like?

    Hey guys, I've recently (about 2/3 weeks ago) had cellulitis & a 2-week course of antibiotics. My lower left leg is all red all the way around. Though it's calmer now leading my GP to say the cellulitis seems to be fading, the swelling seems to come and go, come and go. They won't give me more

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  • sheila91262 5
  • eek14 2

    DVT or pulled muscle?

    22 year old female on hormonal birth control. Switched a few weeks ago to a new one (had a bad reaction to it, so got switched again). Have been in a gym class for college credits since janauary. Started playing volleyball & don't really stretch. I did play volleyball in HS so I thought I would be

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  • mike32507 1
  • Lizfor 3

    Saddle embolus

    After 6 months of ill health, weakness and breathlessness I got the following diagnosis. Saddle embolus involving the proximal right and main left pulmonary arteries with extension into and near occlusion of several segmental branches of the lower lobes bilaaterally also involviment of the lingula,...

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  • youngatheart1 5

    Diagnosed with DVT, not really told what to expect

    Hi all, was diagnosed with a DVT 4 weeks ago, behind knee and halfway up thigh.  On Apixaban which is not troubling me apart from being cold all the time and the fact I am scared of cutting myself as there is no antidote, or so GP said.  On blood thinners for 3 months only, which is great and the

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  • holly75952 3

    collateral veins after DVT

    Has anyone who has had a DVT (upper or lower limb) been left with collateral veins? ​I've had a venogram and so i know that i have got extensive collateral veins deep in my arm but I also have some that are really close to the surface. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

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  • mark the spark 2

    Good News


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  • brittanymb 1

    Misdiagnosed clot??

    Hey guys, I'm a 21 year old female whose on the birth control pill and I just spent my holidays in Europe. While I was there I took a 14 hour bus ride and when I got off the bus my foot and lower leg were red and almost double the size, I decided to spend the day in bed with my foot elevated and

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  • Ksurplus 2

    Should I see a doctor? [Blood Clot?]

    Hi, I've been experiencing  -Piercing/pinching pain around the lower leg (both legs) -areas include Calf area, behind the knee -pain is a 2-3 on a 10 Scale, mild -past months, I've experienced my feet fall asleep while sleeping @ night (has happened 2-3 times) -I've waken up about 5 times, with my

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  • jordi77 2

    Warfarin and Chloramphenicol (red eyes)

    Hi, I was diagnosed with a DVT in my left arm 6 weeks ago. After reaction to Apixaban, I have been on Warfarin. I take now 9 mg/day and my last INR (6 days ago) was 3.2. Since the reaction to Apixaban, I've had some red veins in both my eyes. After waiting a few weeks for this to disappear, it hasn'

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  • youngatheart1 5

    Been googling, wish I hadn't

    Hi, recently posted about out of the blue DVT on thigh in early December.  GP said about tests for cancer then chose not to do them when I said I was on HRT.  Bored today, so have been goolging and came across an NHS article from 2012 stating that all patients with DVT for now reason, ie flying

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  • laura74991 2

    DVT and Exercise

    I was diagnosed 5 weeks ago.  I'm on Xarelto.  Question is this: If I exercise I am afraid clots will detach and cause PE.  Any ideas?

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  • simon62535 1

    DVT - Timeline and lack of progress.

    May 2016 - Diagnosed with DVT - A blood clot behind my knee has caused my calf muscle to swell up enormously.  Nov 2016 - Scan shows that my DVT has now got worse and developed into a case of chronic DVT. Calf muscle has got slightly smaller, at the same time my thigh muscle has got slightly

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  • laura74991 2

    DVT - swollen leg and tummy

    I got diagnosed with DVT on February 2nd.  DVT in my left leg and tummy.  I spent one month in bed.  Now I'm back to work.  My leg and tummy are still swollen.  I was on Xarelto 30mg for 25 days.  Now I'm on 20mg a day. When will my leg and tummy get back to normal? I'm now scared I'm going to

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  • alexandra88705 2

    Past two days iv had a pulsing/throbbing in my leg

    8 years ago I was left untreated for five days after misdiagnosis of a has left me with lots of problems I now have lost thrombotic syndrome and chronic veinous insuffiency for the past two days my leg is constantly throbbing/pulsing near my left knee. cannot describe the feeling very

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  • michael22426 1

    Sore leg after blood clot scare, no swelling/redness.

    Hi, I'm 20 years old male, recently I had a bit of a blood clot scare - I had just come back from the UK on a long-haul flight and I was experiencing chest pains whenever I breathed in deep or moved in a weird way. My GP said that I should go to the emergency room to rule out a blood clot. They did

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  • john25837 2

    Had DVT and Still swelling about half inch just above the ankle

    Hi, I had calf DVT diagnosed 3 month before, was put on Xarelto. 49 years. About two month after the diagnosis my ankle was swelling increasing aout half inch circle of the leg area as compared to other leg with no DVT. My doctor wants me to come off the Xarelto but I am worried about this

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  • MaPawlys96 1

    D-Dimer Test

    So I've had this huge worry of DVT over the past 3 weeks. 3 weeks ago I had an ultrasound of my entire leg that came back normal. My leg has still been sore the past 3 weeks and I don't know if it's because I'm thinking about it. Last night I had a severe panic attack that I thought was PE, and

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  • grace42110 2

    What happens when you see a hematoligist?

    I am 3 months in from by DVT - groin to ankle and bi lateral PE's and have been on Apixaban.  Due to see hematoligist next week.  Can anyone tell me what to expect and what questions I should ask? I live in Northern Ireland.

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  • robynemsley 1

    Possible DVT?

    Hello, I have had an aching pain in my left calf for approximately 8 days now. The pain sometimes seems to be all around my lower leg – front/back of calf, ankle. The pain has not eased at all or gotten worse. I've been to the ER a few times worried about a possible blood clot, as I am also on

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  • emilia47047 3

    DVT or something else?

    Hi guys. So a little backround about me. I'm 25 years old, 103 lbs, female, and 5'3. I have been dealing with depression so for about a year I have been very inactive spending a lot of time in bed. About 2 month ago my right heel started to feel a warm sensation as if it were close to a fire. It

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  • michelle181170 2

    warfarin up again

    been on warfarin now for over a year and still not keeping regular INR score at proper level between 2 & 3 drops down to lower score every time my meds are increased now im on 17.5 mg daily anyone have same problems  

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  • brooke47368 1

    Lovenox vs Xarelto?

    Background: I got a DVT in my left calf after my fifth knee surgery. I'm a 32yo healthy, competitive athlete and have never had any healthy issues. I was prescribed Lovenox at time of DVT diagnoses and really don't mind giving myself injections.  My doc switched me to Xarelto because it's easier

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  • BeccaJoie 1

    1 month post DVT diagnosis foot pain

    I gave birth on December 5th after my leg ballooned suddenly, doctors thought the baby was compressing a vein. Initially a scan had been done the previous night and no clot was seen in the leg and the baby's head was blocking view of the pelvis. I was released from the hospital 2 days later assured

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  • ScaredyCake 3

    SOS... DVT or not?

    For a couple of months now, I've had an odd sensation in my right calf. It's not pain, it's more like a tight feeling. It comes and goes. There's no redness or swelling. I'm not a runner, don't really exercise. If it helps, I'm female, 35, 5ft 2 and 7 stone. And I suffer terribly with anxiety, so

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  • mark the spark 2

    DVT and Cellulitis

    About 10years ago I started getting cramp in My right calf at night which was when I moved in a certain position then about 3years ago My left calf started to swell up during the day until I got home from work I changed into trainer socks anwithin about 20 minituite the swelling went down (if i

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  • nikiesha34405 1

    How long does pain take to ease with xarelto for a DVT?

    Hi everyone, It's been 2 weeks since I've started taking xarelto for a DVT that developed in my calf, and I have yet to receive any kind of ease since the pain started. Is this normal? I thought by now I'd be able to see even the slightest difference but the pain is still severe as ever. Please

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  • kayva 1

    Calf pain for 9 days! Very nervous.

    Hello! I am a 23 year old female. I'm slightly No recent surgeries, no travel. I was sick and spent a couple days in bed but other than that no other rest. I do have a hormonal IUD (Skyla) that I have had for over 2 years now. For the last 9 days I had had random throbbing in my

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  • Quixote 1

    Possible Deep Vein Thrombosis?

    Hi, I have been having health problems that doctors currently have been unable to diagnose. I suspect that it has something to do with thrombosis. I get cramps and palpitations in my lower legs, even in my feet. Pains in my calf and the back of my knees and sometimes in the lower hamstring. When

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