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  • kk123 1

    Hearing after cholesteatoma surgery

    I am 22 and was told I have cholesteatoma yesterday. Even after getting recurrent infections in my right ear once every year for the last 6 years I did not think a condition of this nature would exist. So it came as a major shock to me! I know it is rare but if not treated can cause many complications....

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  • joanne01508 1

    Please help cholsemetoma

    I have a cholsemetoma, and have been putting off surgery for 5 years as I'm petrified of hospitals and going under. The last few days I have been getting the worst dizziness and I'm really worried

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  • julie84571 2

    6 year old daughter recently diagnosed

    Hi there, My daughter has been having chronic blood and smelly discharge from her ear for over a year.  She has recently had a CT scan which shows a cholesteatoma.  She is scheduled for surgery in March.  Her hearing is below average in the affected ear and I was wondering if her hearing will be damaged...

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  • andrew22086 1

    Popping and muffled sounds in ear after chelesteotoma surgery

    I had a chelesteotoma surgery and repaired eardrum about 5 weeks ago and I just went back to working out and when I was doing exercises that raised my heart rate my ear starting popping and sound felt muffled and I could hear my breathing out of that ear. Should I be worried. I'm calling the doctor first...

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  • adriana99351 1

    Long life cholesteatoma sufferers

    HI..I am a veteran of cholesteatoma.Had 9 surgeries .Lost all the hearing because of being misdiagnosed for 20 years.Now I am 41, waiting for a surgery to repair one labirinthine fistula (which gives me bad vertigo) on the right ear.On the left ear I have cochlear implant that needs to be replaced because...

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  • cruz5124 1

    Plz help I'm worried

    So for the last 4 months I have been having sinus issues sore throut eye pain ear pains not bad dough and ringing nice and both sides of mastoid bone ache and have a small swollen lymph nodes I'm a healthy 26 year old male. Doc says not to worry and said it's allergies but I've never had allergies before

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  • andrew22086 1

    Flying after chelesteotoma surgery

    I had surgery. Everything seems to be going well and as planned. I've had a trip booked way before I was diagnosed. Anyone know if it will be ok to fly 21 days after surgery?

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  • charliejessie 1

    Chlosteatoma surgery, leaking stitches!! please help!

    Hi, My girlfriend had chlosteatoma surgery a week and three days ago, everything seems to be healing pretty well. Then about two nights ago she woke up in a little pool of blood/fuild leaking from her dissolvable stitches which smells like the disinfection pack in her ear. Is it normal the have a leak...

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  • catherine68878 2

    Congeital cholesteatoma

    My 14 year old son had  poor hearing in one ear and as his speech was absolutely normal it was not detected until he was 7. After many appointments -mainly because I was in denial that there was anything wrong -a scan confirmed a congenital chloesteatoma. They new itwas this beacause he has never had...

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  • jackjump 1
  • vicki82494 2

    Surgery in 3 weeks time, what to expect when recovering?

    Hi, i was diagnosed in 2016. i have my surgery in 3 weeks time on March 27th. I am absolutely terrified. Its hard not knowing what to expect when you wake up. my main concern is if it effects my facial nerve and not knowing how my hearing will be. ​is anyone who has already had their surgery able to...

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  • bethmariexx 2

    I had a successful mastoid surgery, can I help anyone?

    In March I made a post on this talking of how fearful I was for I had been diagnosed with Cholesteatoma, reading over it brought back alot of memories of how scared I really was and how at the age of 14 I was left uneducated on my diagnosis dismissed as being merely a kid who was likely to not understand....

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  • zoby68 2

    External canal cholesteatoma anyone?

    Hi anyone, its been over 2 years since I first went to my GP with ear ache, deafness and worst of all the feeling of something alive crawling around in my ear canal. Treatment by anti biotics and monthly syringing was my initial treatment not the best course of action for c'toma but hey why should my...

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  • loopyloo79 2

    White chunks, tinnitus and pressure

    Hi all I see the consultant again on 11 April. Will have microsuction as my ears are so blocked. I have dug out some huge white dry chunks and that gave some relief, but it's building up daily. I'm really worried about my facial nerve as my face on the ctoma side feels weird - like cold. My eye waters...

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  • julie94588 1

    Pain in Jaw after mastoidectomy/tympanoplasty

    I am 41 and had smelly drainage out of my right ear for decades and I was always prescribed ear drops and sent home...Finally a PA looked and didn't know what she was looking at so she sent me to ENT...She saw cholesteotoma right away and I had surgery on my right ear January 13th it is now the end of...

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  • ben94277 1

    My experience with Cholesteatoma

    Hi everyone i just want too share my experience with cholesteatoma, due to the fact when i was diagnosed with it, i really couldn't find much on the internet about it. It was a very confusing thing for me to mentally deal with. My name is ben and throughout my whole child hood life, i had continuos...

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  • loopyloo79 2

    Family history of ctoma

    hi again My maternal uncle has had ear probs all his life he now has hearing aids - he is 65 my mum mentioned my issues to him today and he had a ctoma on the attic of his canal about 15 years ago and has ongoing issues. Does this think run on families I wonder. Anyone else has any experience...

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  • worried mother 2 1

    Cholesteatoma- 7 year old

    Our 7 year old girl has just been diagnised with cholesteatoma. We have been worried constantly. Please someone help us. We are looking for a good surgeon for the operation. We live in Hertfordshire. Does anyone have any ideas?

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  • rosalind14219 1

    Just diagnosed

    Hi I've just been diagnosed with a cholesteatoma and have had the ct scan and hearing test done and just waiting the results which I should get this week. I was under the impression that the surgery would be done pretty quick like within a couple weeks but after reading a few things on here it seems...

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  • 4theloveofhorse 2

    Cholesterol Granduloma

    has anyone had a Choesterol Granduloma? If so did you have surgery to treat. I may have one but they were able to determine because of all the fluid in my ear. I did have a tube in ear which drained bloody discharge for about a year

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  • cici73674 2
  • tiffiny 2
  • jay43019 2
  • sagar 75286 1

    About tininitus

    Hi all.... one day in the month of October, suddenly I heard a noice in my head which was strange. Initially, i had a hope that it would go away but it did not go. I was depressed and anxious and could not attent my ca exams due to this nonsense sound which was there for 24 hours and never let me to...

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  • lindsey 47349 1

    a myringoplasty

    My daughter just had a myringoplasty 3 weeks Tuesday she had her check up but doctor dint take packing out he said was dissolvable but I thought it hat to come out?? She has had 3 sets of grommets in her left ear and not 1 in the right as she had a hole in she had her Adeniods out too! But when she had...

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  • saelg28 2
  • david52078 1

    Balance problems after my Cholesteatoma operation

    Hi I had an operation to remove a Chlesteatoma six weeks ago,,,I want to now return to work but I am suffering from balance problems and have a tight feeling downtrend side of my face when I eat,has anybody experienced the same symptoms and what was the recovery time from the balance issue as everything...

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  • exvr 1

    Missing ear canal - what are the risks?

    Hi, I was born with an aural atresia. (absent ear canal) I've had a mastoidectomy in that ear and they have tried to open it up about 12 years ago but failed as it closed up. It concerns me that I must have an open space inside. Where does all the wax go? Am I likely to get a cholesteatoma or other...

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  • Apple01 1

    Will mastoidectomy relive my symptoms related to c-toma?

    For a few years, my left ear has a blocked, 'dense' feeling, alike to being submerged in water. It comes and go, but recently it worsen and I feel it daily. Doctor diagnosed that I have c-toma and recommended mastoidectomy surgery. But I am not sure if this surgery will completely relieve this symptom?...

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  • London1992 2

    Bleeding after cold

    It's been over a month since the surgery and all was healing fine, barely any bleeding at all finally. This past week I've had a terrible cold and constantly coughing and sneezing, I have still been using antibiotic drops and have no pain from the ear but it's started bleeding quite a lot again. Do...

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  • London1992 2

    Pain after packing removal

    Hi all, I had my surgery 3 weeks ago and was finally pain free after a week but had my packing removed today with the need of some suction and the deep inner ear pain is back. Is this normal? Feeling pretty down about the pain back again.

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  • London1992 2

    Tinnitus after surgery

    Hello, I am almost 3 weeks post mastoidectomy surgery and have no pain anymore (thankfully) but I'm suffering with very annoying tinnitus constantly. Wondering am I stuck with this or does it usually subside?

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  • aqualad 2

    Balloon Eustachian Tuboplasty(BET)

    The root cause of cholesteatoma is poor eustachian tube functioning,many people have gourmets or tubes put in and dealt with despair,this is a new way for addressing people with chronic eustachian tube issues,I have heard the success rates are high,but there's hardly any talk on this,any news or views...

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  • Becky157 2

    Mastoid cavity obliteration

    I am on the waiting list for one of these operations. I had a radical mastoid op when I was 11 am now 45 and having serious pain so after many oils ointments and sprays this seems like the last ditched attempt. Having had the op explained to me I was wondering if anyone else had had it done. 

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  • London1992 2

    Mastoidectomy, still in pain a week later

    Hello I'm new here and desperately seeking experience. I'm 24 and a week ago had a canal wall down mastoidectomy, I've had what I can only describe as a deep nagging ear ache ever since that is starting to get me down. My incision is healing and I have barely any pain there now, but the ear ache is...

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