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Granuloma Annulare

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  • FrenglishCarole 3

    To all Granuloma Annulare sufferers - what else is going on?

    I have GA for 8 years - we all know that this skin disease itself is not painful however I want to know if other things are going on within your body?  I, personally, have issues with toe and leg cramps and nerve pain. Is this related or something else all together? If you could please share your personal...

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  • madelyn96 1

    Vitamin E and Zileuton treatment?

    Hi there! I'm looking to see if anyone has tried using Vitamin E with Zileuton (anti-inflammatory drug used to treat asthma) for their GA? If so, any good results? I'm a 21 year old woman and have had GA since I was 16 years old. It began on my foot and ankles predominately on my right side after I had...

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  • CreativeNikki 2

    New to GA - Any Success with Diet Changes?

    Hello, I was just diagnosed (biopsy) with GA last week.  I noticed the spots on my elbows about a week ago and was lucky to get into a dermatologist right away and have a biopsy done.  Unfortunately, the dermatologist and my doctor have not given me any treatment plan, really.   I asked about going...

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  • carol17141 2


    After being ill with thrush of oesophagas I could not drink milk made me feel sick Started drinking hemp milk, rich in omega 3,s. After a bad flare up of granuloma I now am seeing a drastic reduction , redness nearly gone and patches much smaller I have had granuloma for well over 15 years. I still...

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  • samantha86487 2

    Getting rid of Granuloma Annulare

    Hello! I've just joined so that I can pass on some information that may help. It may be a long one but bare with, I've waited 30 years to get rid of my granuloma annulare or at least try and control it and now I've managed to achieve clear elbows for the first time since I was 13! (all the rest is fading...

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  • cob 2

    GA and another possible option for treatment

    I hope this is ok to post. A company called Bliss Kiss has an oil developed for nails and cuticles. Another GA sufferer was in a trial using the oil for Eczema and psoriasis and they let him in the trial also. He reported after 2 months his spots were gone. I called the company yesterday. They started...

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  • shannon78 2

    Had GA since I was 21 years old now 39! Frustrating!

    First sign of GA was after a terrible sunburn when I was 21. Spots started to form from a pimple into a ring like structure. It itched terribly! I immediately got a biopsy because I thought I got ringworm. Biopsy came back GA. I usually get spots on elbows, knees, behind knees, buttocks, groin and...

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  • morgan89477 2
  • Lisa3vermont 2

    Treatment strategies...more ideas!

    Hello, I'm Lisa, a happy, healthy woman in my 50's - Random purple/red rash  (ankles/ legs/ wrists/elbows) appeared within past year... GA diagnosed by biopsy. Tried strong steroid topical cream w/ minimal results. I am amazed how passive my dermatologist and physician have been! Bascially "don't know...

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  • mary41942 1


    I have been to my GP and he is almost sure I have GA. he has never seen it on a patients face which is where I have mine. Does anyone have GA on their face.

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  • GA007 1

    GA right forearm 3 years spreading

    have had GA on right forearm last 3 years spreading outwards. Also now have it on other parts of arms legs and abdomen. Dr.dermatologist. Said  it usually clears up but it has not. It's really annoying and looks terrible. Don't know what to do. Dr gave me different prescriptions , creams . Did nothing...

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  • marsha33788 2
  • akhughes68 1


    I have been dealing with GA for almost 2 years.  I recently tried clobatasol creame and UVA light therapy to no avail.  My doctor has recently put me on 10 mg of methotrexate and folic acid. My GA really had no effects (itchinging, etc) until I started taking the methotrexate(I've only had 1 dose). ...

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  • lucy00519 1

    Help with a treatment for disseminated GA...

    I am a 60 year old female that has GA for 2.5 years. I have tried the following: Humira ( (the rash returned about 6 month and I got drug induced Lupus as I stopped the drug) Methotrexate (1 person, 33.33%) plaquenil Phototherapy MSM Diet: No Carbs or Sugar for 3 month. (I lost 12 pounds) AuricularTherapy(accupressure)...

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  • debsmith58 2

    Do men have this disease, or is it a distinct female disease?

    Sorry if I haven't been able to read every post or research article on GA, so I may be asking an already answered and obvious question. Just seems to me that most every post and thread I've read has been written by a woman.  I contracted GA a couple of years ago.  Have been menopausal for about 4 years...

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  • cynthia44652 2

    Recently diagnosed, need advice

    Hello, I just recently found out this horrible rash had a name and that a cure was looking slim. I have many behind both legs they are around a dime in size and raised, I also have the small ring like ones in between both legs and under my arms. I remember seeing the one's under my arms and at one time...

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  • robin43750 2

    Itchy type of Granuloma Annulare

    I had the most severe itching for almost 2 months before my primary Dr. thought I had scabies and I went through treatment for it. You can still itch after treatment which I was. The dermatologist report from biopsy came back saying I had GA. I thought perhaps I had both that and the scabies. When I...

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  • angie7613 2

    Granuloma Annularae Sufferer

    I was diagnosed with this years ago because I had some patches here and there. But over the past year, it has really spread. I am so tired of hearing that there is nothing that can be done. I have ised steroid creams and steroid courses and nothing. I now have it on my wrists, the bends of my arms and...

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  • lauren14489 2

    STRESS and granuloma annulare?

    I am nearly certain that my granuloma annulare is due to poor immunity- and stress. Before I got glandular fever I was going through the most stressful time in my life and was having frequent and intense breakdowns where I would cry for days on end. Then, after getting really sick i was still dealing...

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  • marsha33788 2
  • kayla40418 2

    This is the WORST

    So.. until a few days ago I had never heard of GA. Sept. 1 I started visiting a tanning salon. I was going three days a week for ten minutes to lie in a bed. After about a month I noticed two really itchy patches, being concerned and terrified it was skin cancer, I went the dermatologist. From the time...

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  • Guest M

    Granuloma annulare is the bane of my life.

    I like the others have had this condition since i was about 7. I was told it would burn itself out, which it did on most areas. But last year it came back on my tummy i have more of that than stretch marks! in the last two months it has taken over my body i have it eveywhere, it makes me very uncomftable...

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  • marsha33788 2

    Granuloma rt histamine

    Has anyone related elavil to their granuloma. I read it can cause increased histamine levels. I was on a clean diet and was eating gluten free, lots of fruit smoothies etc. started using MSM powder and my rash starting spreading more rapidly. When reading foods high in histamines I realized these were...

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  • lauren14489 2
  • awalker37 1
  • valerief 1

    GA connected to liver?

    I have had GA for about 5 years now. Only on my hands, which is pretty unattractive because your hands are always visible and it looks like ringworm! In the last year my liver enzyme levels have been high. When I looked up what could be causing it, one of the possibilities was autoimmune hepatitis. I'm...

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  • tara60627 1

    Just diagnosed.... no help from doctors, wtf?!!!

    Hi my name is Tara I'm 43 and have always been very healthy. I had some small spots on the top of my feet that I ignored for about a year. Then in Aug I woke up one day to find myself covered in small red bumps. Maybe about 100 different spots! Legs, feet, and elbows. I was experiencing a lot of stress...

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  • julie75616 1
  • linzdg 2

    My granuloma annulare is cured - it was a gluten wheat allergy!!

    I've been suffering with bad granuloma annulare for over 10 years now and have seen several dermatologists over the years, all of who have said there is no cure and it will go away naturally. However it has continued to get worse. I looked at various forums, many of which in the US, and saw that other...

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  • LauralyeK 2

    Granuloma Annulare for over 10 years...

    Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with Granuloma Annulare over 10 years ago (I am 28 now). I still remember the first time I noticed the first lesion on my inner right was extremely inflammed, tripled in size within weeks, and that was the last summer that I wore shorts.  I feel like this rare...

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  • stephanie60596 1

    I think I have found a cure for my granuloma annulare

    Hi everyone,  this is my first time on this site. I started off with Granuloma Annulare about 5 years ago.  It started off as a small circle on my shoulder which I said to my husband I think I might have a ring worm or something.  After going to the doctors he informed me that I had the start of granuloma...

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  • nicole69724 2


    My lesions were cured after I starting taking Swedish Bitters (available from the health food store)  I used it both orally and topically Hope this can help you too!  

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  • marsha33788 2

    Does any diet help granuloma?

    I've had granuloma for over a year. Nothing is helping. I did get steroid injections that worked well the first time but they came back. I am now trying a clean diet.

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  • Maxxxxxx 2
  • darlene40357 2

    What finally is working for me!

    A couple months ago I read someone said that taking antihistamine worked for them - I tried it! It's working! I have had granuloma annulare for 10 years on my hands and arms. I have tried the shots, the oral drugs, the lotions, gluten free, certain vitamins nothing worked. I have now been on 10mg antihistamine...

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