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Legg Calve Perthes' Disease

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  • Guest M

    Two kids under 5 with perthes

    We were told that our son has perthes in his left hip just after his 4th birthday. We had never heard of this before, but were glad that we knew what was wrong with him. From he was about 2 he kept falling, having a pain in his leg and walking with a limp. Every time I took him to the doctors or our...

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  • luke 4 1
  • bettye18599 2


    I need an answer, or where to find it, please.​ ​What is the prevalence of Perthes Disease and Autism/Asperger being comorbid, in other words, is there information out there somewhere that shows how many children with Perthes Disease also has Autism/Aspergers. Does Perthes Disease affect the right or...

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  • sam35303 2
  • rhonda19192 2

    8yr old boy with perthes . stressed and worried ....

    September 2016. We were told my son had perthes disease. We had no idea what that was . He is struggling with stiffness and some pain not to much thank god .school is suffering and when he wakes up in the morning and says mam my leg is not working today , it breaks my heart. He is not a child that complains,...

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  • sheila04 2

    Perthes Disease -Son is now having ankle issues

    My son who is now 8 years old was found to have Perthes disease at age 3. He has a bad case. I have taken him to three different doctors all say that just waiting and watching would be the best method. He doesn't complain a lot and still after all this time he has had little regrowth. I'm starting to...

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  • valofsonwithLCP 2

    Anyone have a hip replacement in their 20's?

    Is there anyone that had Perthes go through a Direct Anterior Hip Replacement. My son is 26. He is researching the Anterior Hip Replacement or a biological hip from a donor. Dr.s say his hip is too far gone for a POA.  

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  • lyndsay71688 2


    Hi All i wonder can someone give me some guidance with regards pain relief.  Im currently visiting speciailist regarding pain in my left hip as a result of LCPD when i was a child im 36.  I started the process last October however am still on the NHS waiting list for a steroid injection which i have...

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  • meg43716 1


    I am a little concerned I had leg calve perthes when I was younger in 22 no way and have a limb still today I still have pains in my hip and it shoots to my knee could that be related to that?

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  • michelle50486 1

    Perthes disease in 8yr old son!!!!

    Hi. My 8yr old son started limping in march 2016 out of the blue but said he hadnt done anything but it was hurting all around his calf... took visit to docs who done a knee and hip examination to find he was very restricted with movement in his left hip so was sent for xrays. After waiting a life time...

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  • lyndsay71688 2


    Hi Everyone hope someone can give me some insght/help.  Im 36 and had PD when i was 7 which was a direct result of both hips dislocated at 2.  I have my Left pined which was removed when i was 9 (i think).  At 11/12 i had the growth carrlidge removed from my right knee to allow for the left left being...

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  • james24uk 1

    THR (Total hip replacement) after Perthes Caution

    Hi, The reason for this post is a word of caution to ensure that you won't encounter the same experience dealing with life after perthes as I have just gone through. A bit of background:- I'm 49, 6' tall, weigh 88kg and just undergone a right THR. I was diagnosed with perthes in right hip when I...

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  • bettye18599 2

    Perthes Disease "Johnny Jump-Up"

    A Johnny Jump-Up is a swing /jumper that hangs from a door way that allows babies to jump. ​If you were diagnosed with Perthes Disease or are a parent, did you or your baby use a Johnny Jump-Up?

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  • bettye18599 2

    Legg Calve Perthes

    Doing more research. Have you or your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, relative, or anyone you know had tuberculosis (TB), or were you in contact with anyone with TB before you got Perthes? Respectfully, Bettye 0

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  • Natasha- 2015 2

    LCPD pain

    Has anyone been having pains at night? Do the pains stay the same or have they been getting worse? Is it a dull ach or piercing, or throbbing?  It seems to me that later in life after 40 or so the pain changes and it has become worse at night.  Has anyone had this happen to them.  Thanks

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  • Dondon81 1
  • donna66 1

    i was informed perthes disease would last upto 3yrs?

    my son was 4.5 years old when he started with perthes disease, i was told because he was young he would have a 100% recovery rate within 3 yrs, he is 9 in july. we are on our 3rd specialist 2 of which were fantstic. our 3rd specialist after returning due to pain getting servere told us surgery is looking...

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  • Guest M

    Tips and advice on Perthes

    My son was diagnosed in July 08 he is 8 years old. Here are some tips and advice for others when you are first told you or your child have the syndrome. The Redcross will supply a paediatric wheelchair and crutches for a small donation when they are returned. They are not great chairs but for immediate...

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  • Guest M

    need some independant advice

    hello one and all, I have read a good majority of the comments on this site and commend you all. the purpose of this piece is to seek advice regarding perthes. I am begining to understand the problems perthes has presented over the years, particularly with the recomended treatments and trends that...

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  • Guest M

    pertis disease

    I was in hspital on bed rest for a really long period of time. I was eight when I was diagnosed. I had to get a pin and a cast on my legs for two years. I was in a wheel chair for two years ut now I can fuction fine thanks to surgury

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  • zz8919 2

    Tips and Tricks

    Dear all,  I am a girl of 25 and I was diagnosed with perthes on my right hip at an age of 11, so pretty old. At that time I had to be in a wheel cheer for a month or so and walked on crutches for about a year. I had to rest a lot an keep my right leg up. After 2,5 years I was able to do everything,...

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  • tonya79 2

    Lower back pain years after Lcpd

    I was diagnosed very early around 5, so I just had to wear a brace with yearly trips to the Shriners hospital for ortho checkups, the only issue is my right leg is slightly shorter and have had to wear a lift in my shoe. My question is, has anyone had lower back issues possibly due to the Lcpd? I've...

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  • amandaBojr 1
  • Natasha- 2015 2

    LCPD in older adults

    Looking for thoughts from anyone 50 or older who has had LCPD!  Do you have night time leg pains, one leg or both.  Did it start when you got older? What does it feel like? When did it start or the pain change? Trying to do some research on LCPD pain, etc on older adults. If you have LCPD and are 50...

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  • Janice2 1

    perthes in the fifties

    I was 7yrs old in the 1950's when I was diagnosed with Perthes in my left hip. It took ages before they realised what I had because it was believed that girls just didn't get Perthes. I was in hospital for 6mths and in calipers for 18mths. I haven't been too bad but have what specialist calls 'a slight...

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  • #### 1

    Agonizing pain when doing anything but lying down

    I was diagnosed with LCPD when i was 3 years old and now turning 18. The Proffesor told my parents that i can run and play like a healthy child, therefor i never actually knew i had LCPD until i was about 14 years old when i made a wrong stretch at jym class. The left leg is the damaged one and its...

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  • Guest M

    RE total hip replacement following Perthes disease

    Hi Shaun I am ten years post a Perthes-related total hip replacement! It really has been a godsend for me :D Briefly- I had Perthes diagnosed aged 8, but they caught it late so hip ball was pretty badly mishapen- cue osteotomy, hip spiker etc- followed by 2 more osteotomies before the age of 13....

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  • peter1179 1

    Hip replacement at 44

    Had perthes at age 4 in both hips , over past 2 years pain has returned in left hip and have now been told I need a hip replacement , and I'm devastated to be honest , I had a bad car accident 30 years ago and now have to large plate in femur which will have to come out first , and there covered in bone...

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  • Guest M

    Perthes Affecting Me In Later Life

    I was diagnosed with Perthes Disease at the age of 3 but my parents were told we would just have to keep an eye on it, so I was checked up on by the consultant every 6 months. At the age of 9 or 10 I was discharges after no medical treatment.... I am now 22 years old and am suffering with increased...

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  • martyn37 1

    Menta health issues post Perthes?

    I was treated for Perthes at the age of 2 in 1967. Treatment consisted of being strapped to a board for 3 months in hospital, being restrained from the chest down i was only able to move head and arms, upon discharge from hospital i was in calipers for some time. My Mother was allowed to visit only 30...

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  • Guest M

    perthes disease

    I was diagnosed with perthes disease when i was 9 years old in1957 after 10 months of going to gp i was in agony for all that time until he decided to send me for an xray i then had to wait to see specialist who then said i would have to go into hospital after a few weeks i had to go and be measured...

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  • amy0717 2

    age 5

    I got diagnosed with perthes at the age of 5, my mu knew there was something wrong, doctors kept saying it was growing pains, but we pushed, it ended up that I couldn't put my foot to the floor, I couldn't turn over in bed, take my self to the toilet, but now, I'm walking. Yeah I'm in pain everyday...

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  • sarah ryan 2

    Son has chip on hip..getting tested for perthes

    Hi Was at A&E with my 4yrold son today. He woke up with extreme pain in one leg (right leg)and couldn't walk. He had complained yesterday that his leg was sore but I didn't think much of it. He had an x Ray and blood test which came back normal. They said his right hip is just inflamed and recommended...

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  • Guest M

    Perthes' Disease some people never grow out of it

    hi there i have had perthes disease since i was 6 i was on the bed rest i am now 24 years old and i still have it. i also have arthritics too in my hip and i also need a hip replacement now all because of perthes it has made my live very hard

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  • Carrielv 2

    Any adults Anterior Approach THP after LCPD?

    I had Perthes as a five-year-old which resulted in an osteotomy. I'm now 42 and am looking at total hip replacement. It seems that to due to the deformities, I may be a candidate for the posterior approach only. I would like to see if anyone has had an anterior approach?

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