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Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis

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  • sydney28 1

    SCFE and also Scoliosis?

    In March of 2011 I went to get out of bed one day and felt a sharp pain in my left hip. Over the next two months I would feel this same pain everytime I got out of a chair, bed, ect. I also began to have knee pain and started walking with a limp. On April 5th, 2011, my 11th birthday, i went roller skating...

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  • michelle03342 1

    I have 2 screws from SCFE that are causing pain

    I am 16 and have had four hip surgeries so far for scfe. 2 were to put the screws in and the other two were because the screws tore my labrum while I was playing basketball for two different major teams. My hips have not hurt for a little over a year now but have started to flare up. I am starting...

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  • LJ3102 2

    Looking for other peoples stories about SUFEs

    Im 14 years old and at age 10 I had my left hip pinned and last year had the right one done also. The only unusual thing about me is most of the people on here are boys, and I'm a girl 😂 very recently been back to A&E with more pains and they are now investigating as to what it might be as having both...

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  • valerie01319 2
  • Guest M

    Hiya, I am 14 now but I had only just turned 12 when my ...

    Hiya, I am 14 now but I had only just turned 12 when my left hip slipped. I had been getting pain in my left hip which got worse over a week. I crouched down to pick up my school bag at lunchtime when I got a really bad pain in my left hip, I stood up and tried to walk but I couldn't. I got rushed to...

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  • caroline29283 1

    Slipped Upper Femoral Epiphysis SUFE

    Hi all my son was 10 when he had this condition but a year on he still complains about pain,we have been for regular check ups and UN planned hospital visits in between including x-rays which have all come back clear has anyone else experienced this I don't know what else to do please help me and my...

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  • erin35657 1

    Sore hip for 3 weeks, help!

    Hello I've had a very stiff and sore hip area for about 3 weeks now, it's been getting progressively worse. hurts when I'm walking and the pain comes and goes. In the past week the pain itself has started to progress down my thigh a little and my knee hurts also. I'm 15 years old, female and clueless!...

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  • 10-awyver 2

    Please help, what is up with my hip?

    So im a 16 year old gymnast, and ive been having hip pain in my left hip for the past couple of months. I have seen a physio but she wanted another guy to take a look next week. I was just womdering if anyone could give me their opinion of what it could be. It pretty much always has an achey pain, it...

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  • gerry100 2

    My sons SUFE operation, walking within 2 hours ?

    My 12 year old son was diagnosed with SUFE in Jan 2016, He had both hips pinned on 1st March 2016. He was walking unaided 2 hours after the operation and told to bear all his weight on his hips straight away, he was home the same day and had hardly any pain. Now 2 months on he is still pain free but...

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  • kirbymarie 1
  • Guest M



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  • Guest M

    My name is Joanna Kindred i am 13 years old,I had SUFE d...

    My name is Joanna Kindred i am 13 years old,I had SUFE diagnosed in march 2004 but my symptoms ,pain,limping started from an injury at school in April 2003. An x-ray in may 2003 was wrongley marked as normal but showed a slight slippage on the right hip.This slippage worsened over the months and still...

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  • Quiet for legal 1

    SCFE Hips - Rather major cock up!!!

    I went to Casualty last year as I've had 43 operations to my knees, shoulders and hands and I've had both kneecaps removed because they kept dislocating. When I was 12 and onwards I kept complaining to my GP about pains in my hips and they kept telling me it's my knee problems. So eventually after 10...

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  • jacqui119 1

    jordans hip replacement at last

    i took the call from royal national yesterday jordan hip replacement is 27th may i put phone down and just cried my eyes out it has been a long and difficult five years and this should be a step nearer him getting his life back .i cant tell him yet as he is in majorca on holiday with a friend and i...

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  • Guest M

    Poorly diagnosed condition

    As a pediatric physiotherapist, with a special interest in juvenile hip conditions, it is interesting to hear everyones experience of this often poorly diagnosed condition. I'm sorry to hear quite so many people out there have had real problems with the medical team coming up with the correct diagnosis....

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  • rugbymum 2


    hi my son is 13 years old..he had perthes diagnosed when he was 3 hospital just kept eye on him 2 years ago he was in pain but the limp had gone just gave crutches and rest..been no probs since hes been playing rugby for 4 years ..2 week ago he was in a game and suddendly fell was in lots of pain got...

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  • spnathan1 1
  • safarisoo 1

    slipped on ice 7 years ago still in pain and using cane

    I was 67 when I slipped and broke my femur (shaft). It was so high up they couldn't pin it so they gave me partial hip replacement although since the x-rays have shown a "full" replacement. It's been 7 years and I still don't have full use of my leg and I'm in constant pain. The doctor says there's nothing...

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  • angela08588 1


    Hi my daughter is 10 years old and had surgery in November for scfe she had both of her hips pinned. It did take a little while for my daughter to get diaginosed as when we first went to our GP in July after my daughter started limping we were told it was a pulled muscle then after going back several...

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  • kelly31120 2
  • Carolj 1

    S.U.F.E. complications Of Avascular Necrosis

    My daughter suffered a server S.U.F.E in October 2010 following ( we now believe) a fall . She unfortunately was miss niagnoised and it went on to become a crutal slip , with further issues at our local hospital she had to be transferred which ment 2 1/2 weeks till she was operated on, bed bound...

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  • Cle 1

    SUFE/SCFE second op

    Hi, thank you to everyone who replied to my post. Why is it that when you find a positive state of mind the surgeon always knocks it away. We went for the check-up thinking can we measure the leg, maybe move forward with a shoe raise or something similar...... We arrive for the check up and hear Santini...

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  • Stressedmum 2

    Possible Sufe in 9 year old

    My son has been complaining of increasing pain around his thigh for approx 7 weeks. It started with pain when running and now he is sore while walking and feels similar pain on the other leg. We saw the Gp last week and had an xray 3 days ago but are still waiting for results. The wait is driving me...

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  • marianna34806 2


    My son is 15. He was diagnosed with SUFE last year. He was physically very active. played basketball five days a week in school sepresenation. As he continued to play (even when i told him that hes not allowed). His team couch never stopped him from doing so. On few occasion we were seeking medical advice...

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  • durocchamp 1

    scfe question

    I was diagnosed with scfe at 12, promptly was put in surgery and i opted to keep screw in hip.. its been constant trouble but yesterday I went to a chiropractor and got my hips adjusted along with lower back. And my hip has not stopped hurting since. Can you have hip manipulation of you have hardware?...

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  • kristy1204 2

    We think I may have scfe, help???

    Hi, my mom and I both think I have scfe. I'm 16, 5'7, I dance, and I'm overweight. I've been having issues with my right hip for about 2 years now. It started out being stiff and I couldn't do the flexible things I could do before. Then it turned into pain when I tried to do anything flexible. I went...

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  • anz4 1

    Has anyone ever had their pins removed for good?

    My son was diagnosed with SCFE when he was around 8/9 years old and got pins in the next day only his right side was needing a pin but the doctor was worried the other side would slip to because of past surgeries he's done to have the same patient back in going thru another surgery because the other...

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  • jazzlady 1

    Slipped femoral epiphysis

    Hi, im 43 years old,female, and at the age of 11 had surgery to correct a badly slipped femoral epiphysis on my left hip, in those days the surgery was quite invasive and I had 3 large pins inserted,they were later removed when I was 15, I lead a normal life except for quite severe restrictions of movement...

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  • bigbee123 2

    does anyone have a positive outcome to SCFE

    Dear All. my 12years old son has recently been diagnosed with slight SCFE. He is 5ft 9in at just 12y old and heavy thoiugh not fat. He has been in the NHS system for 12 weeks with a painful hip knee leg. he is a strong rugby player. After waiting for 3 weeks for the Xray to surface and be processed our...

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  • Cle 1

    My daughter has just been diagnosed with SUFE/SCFE.

    Hi to all, We just found out 1st Feb that my daughter has SUFE. I am almost speechless at this situation. I will admit while speaking to the specialist I was completely done in. I think shock took over and that was that. He talked about 2 types of operation and all I can remember is the small one and...

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  • elliem123 1

    I think I may have scfe (slipped capital femoral epiphysis)

    I'm 16 yeard old and only 5ft 2 though I have grown. I think I may have scfe: My symptoms include Painful hip when walking and just moving my leg about Painful knee My leg lies externally when lying down so the toes point outwards I have a small limp I can't move my leg about to much or it hurts I havent...

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    Slipped Femur Capital Ephyphisis-30 yrs later

    I was dianosed with Scfe when I was 10.. had surgery, four pins placed and removed one year later.. At 42, i am having severe pain, movement problems, etc.. has anyone had further procedures after their initial surgery and how did it go/what was the procedure.  I do not want to have a hip replacement...

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  • ck49ers 2

    Need Advice Please

    I read your posts with such admiration & sadness. It seems to be the same thing over & over again. A delayed diagnosis & constant severe pain, no more sports etc. Can any of you advice me please. My son, 13  6'1" 140lbs,  was misdiagnosed in the begining of December, went a month with his femour bone...

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  • Guest M

    I would love a support group... I'm in the U.S. though (...

    I would love a support group... I'm in the U.S. though (Pennsylvania)..Here they call it SCFE..The C is for capitol.My 13 yr old son was diagnosed a year ago and had surgey with complications....I'll post the details...Any help would be great... so glad I found all of you,there is really nothing on...

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  • Forest1 2

    Scfe Help Needed

    Hello I just wanted to ask someone who may have more experience with SCFE. My son an avid sports player, started complaining of groin pain last summer, we thought it was a strain so didn't worry too much.  This has continued and in November he went to GP and got a referral.  The pain is on exertion,...

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