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Don't let HS get you down

Hello fellow HS sufferers; I found this site a few months ago while waiting for my 4th bout of surgery for this annoying and painful condition. I,ve had it for the last 20 years and was misdiagnosd early on. I have it on both sides of my groin and it has now started creeping up my back. I had my first op about 5 years ago and it was the first time I heard 2 long words mentioned. I just thought do the op and I can get on with the rest of my life. During the next 2 years it started to flare up again and I had 2 further smaller surgeries. This period also meant lots of anti-biotics. Flare ups to me mean large golfball like boil things with flu symptons. To try and help myself I stewed in hot baths with T-Tree oil and salt. (wrong for me, see later). I also used cream with anti-septic and local anasthetic also Manuka honey and T-Tree cream ( also wrong for me ). At Christmas last year the problem was back with a vengence and very painful. In January it was back to the consultant again. This time he told me there was no cure for HS and I may need surgery every few years to manage it. I was stunned and very upset and decided to look up HS on the internet and found this site. I found some of the tips very useful and went and bought all the suppliments mentioned that I am still taking. I hope some of you find the following information that through trial and error I have found helps me.

No Creams applied to the area.

Try and keep the affected area cool and dry. Talc free powder can help with this ( feminine powder has no talc and smells nice)

I have found T-Tree oil too harsh to use on it's own but there is a gel (spotty teenagers dept in boots) with witch hazel and T-Tree oil for about £3 that can be used sparingly at night. The witch hazel will reduce inflamation and the T-Tree is antiseptic and it is not harsh on the skin.

While you're at work and out and about take some powder and wipes with you. The powder can be decanted into a small empty bottle that is available in all chemists. Wipes are easier to carry around but for me anti-septic ones are too strong so I use feminine wipes. ( sorry guys ).

The most recent thing I have found very effective is an ice pack. The surgery I had in March was very painful with stitches and areas left open to heal and drain. A week after surgery I had a crop of HS spots appear near the surgical site. What with the barbed wire stitches thats all I needed. In desparation I applied an ice pack to the whole area for twenty minutes on and twenty minutes off for a few hours to relieve the pain. The spots stopped itching and the next day had turned purple. They stayed that way for a few days and then went. I was amazed as usually once they are there they stay and start turning horrible. I told a relatative who also has HS and was currently having a bad time with it. She tried the ice pack thing and the same happened to her. The spots turned purple and went. It's not a cure as we all know that, like Arnie 'they will be back' but it may help prevent the spots turning nasty. I had to use an ice pack again about 2 weeks after surgery as I had a small infection in the surgical site. This method bought the boil to a head much quicker ( that night it burst ) than the hot compress/bath method. It must be because it reduces the inflamation around it so it can release easier. I don't even know If i'm doing the right thing but if it's gonna work i'm using it. It has now been 10 weeks post op and the new spots I treated with the ice pack have not come back and the scar is healing nicely. I have 2 ice packs in the freezer and at the first sign of trouble I will be using them. If there are any Docs reading this, is there a reason why I shouldn't be using them? For me keeping cool seems to be the main thing that will help. I only shower now and when I've finished turn the shower down to cool ( I hate that bit ) so you leave the shower feeling refreshed and not too warm. I don't use thick butter type body lotions anymore as they can make you sweat. I now use a light lotion and not all over. I also exfoliate a few times a week using body mits while i'm in the shower as I feel it helps the whole skin breath.

Live life on the cool side mentally and physically don't let HS get you down and thank you for reading about my experience.

Supperativa Diva.

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    I am friends with a nurse who recently started working in a dermantology clinic.  She said that I should use a deodorant and not an anti perspirant.  She recommended Tom's, Tussy, or Dermalogic.  The first two are available anywhere, the last one is only available at Ulta, and it's 20 dollars, but it will last a year.  She said that drinking vinegar up to a 1/2 cup a day will keep the cysts from forming.  She also said eating and drinking healthier will be a good thing too.  

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