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My Story

I can't believe i have found a name for what i'm possibly suffering from and that i'm not alone.

My first boil appeared in my groin area when i was about 16/17 and i instantly put it down to being an ingrown hair from shaving. I'm 31 now and over the years i've had many outbreaks in my groin and inner thigh area.

I was always very ashamed of them and never mentioned anything to my GP about it. I would take care of them by myself by using hot salt water and various antiseptic products.

As the years have gone on though, it has got worse. They started appearing under my breasts about 2 years ago and i get the occasional one on my behind. 10 months ago one got so bad i had to visit the walk in clinic to get it checked. It was huge and had already popped before i went and obviously very infected from the fluid that came out. He took one look at it and ordered me to go to hospital for emergency surgery.

When i got there i was told i needed to have the sore cut out and the surrounding tissue under general anesthetic. I had to wait 12 hours for the procedure, during that time i had many doctors come in and out wanting to look at my groin area. They made plenty of remarks to themselves about my scarring and i even overheard one of the doctors ask the nurse to ask me if i'm injecting heroin down there. I was pretty mortified and asked if i could leave to which a doctor replied, if you leave you could die of sepsis.

After the procedure i had to visit my GP surgery daily for over 3 weeks to get the wound cleaned (they would visit me on weekends). I can't fault the aftercare.

My GP had convinced himself that it is down to diabetes and i have had 3 fasting blood tests in 10 months all coming back negative, not even borderline. I've had to take antibiotics 7 different times in 10 months. Which help briefly but do not work.

I've been told i need to lose weight and got really into exercising only to find that it caused major and intensely painful flare ups.

My GP said there was really nothing he could do in the end and just diagnosed me as having reoccurring boils due to a staph infections. I get a repeat prescription for hibiscrub which i wash the affected areas twice a day and also take hot baths in. I wear fresh clean loose fitting cotton clothes daily, wash my towels after each use and am trying to cut out possible problem foods from my diet, but still it gets worse.

I have moved just recently and have registered with a new GP and am going to make an appointment and arm myself with the information i have learned in the last few hours on the web about HS and will push for tests and swabs and to see a consultent. I've read that there is not much they can do if it is HS but atleast i'll be another silent sufferer coming forward and making the NHS more aware about this awful condition.

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    hey, i'm no expert but it certainly sounds like you have HS, knowing that you have it is a double edged sward. you have a name and a reason but no cause or cure sad on the other hand, like you say, the more people who take the difficult step of talking to a doc and getting it diagnosed the more the NHS (and pharmacological companies) will have to take note.

    all the best

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