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  • kerryannaaaa 1

    Pancreatic cancer?

    My nan who is an 80 year old diabetic has been experiencing trouble swallowing and a feeling of indigestion or the food being "stuck". She has also been having pains around her middle. She had a gastroscopy which showed severe ulceration in her oesophagus, oesophagitis grade c and nothing else. She then...

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  • TMNA 3

    Please help: My mom has delirium at night

    My mom is 83. I took her to the ER a couple of months ago for what I thought was a wound (burst blister on her shin) that had gotten infected. At the time, she had AFIB, stage 4+ kidney failure (but holding steady), mild/early congestive heart failure.   They determined she had too much fluid and was...

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  • pipifakido111 1

    Keeping a check on ageing parent living alone

    Hi everybody, I find myself in a difficult situation. My father has been living on his own a few years now since my mom passed. He is in relatively good health for his age (75+) and I have been living close enough to visit him once a week plus talk to him on the phone a few times a week. A month ago...

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  • pauline59158 3

    I'm having hallucinations after long illness

    I've had a bad cough and congestion for 6 weeks now. I've had a temperature and high blood pressure with it. Felt dreadful. Dr gave me antibiotics for bronchitis, they didn't have any effect. This appears to be a common seasonal issue experience by many in my area. I've been self medicating with Paracetamol...

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  • jasmin08436 1

    leg problems at 86 years age

    My mom's legs started to weaken day by day since 1 year without any acute or chronic obvious reasons. Only complain was burning soles of both feet since 1 year. Now she can walk only with help of a walker. So 1. what could be her disease/ pathogenesis / cause of her problem and 2. Line of treatment,...

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  • jdog 1

    PEG Removal - legal and ethical?

    My poor old mum (87) has dementia, and was living in a care home. 6 month ago she had a severe stroke which left her paralysed down one side and with very little movement on the other. She lost all speech and also the swallow reflex. The hospital, presumably wanting to ship her out as soon as possible,...

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  • stewart68582 2

    Thigh Pain

    Hi My dad is 80 yrs old and generally quite well. He has started suffering with a lot of thigh pain the last 6 months and is really slowing him down. After he has been sitting a while he struggles to get up. Im worried that his legs will become weak from the lack of use and before you know it he will...

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  • tessa85445 1

    F1 Frailty index

    Does any one know exactly what this means as it has been added to someones emis record Many thanks

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  • ginag30 1

    Mistreatment of patient

    Please see my you tube video posted as mistreatment of patient. My mother is in intensive care and being mistreated.

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  • dee53012 6

    I need to get help, I am poor. I'm Desprit

    i am poor, live in the USA, am a sick 57 yr old widow, celiac and have a dog i care for. I have several diseases and feel like I am close to death. I know I need help, but do not know who to talk to. i want to stay in my home, are there home services available? i need hospice but i am too tired to see...

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  • TMNA 3

    Any thoughts on best place for mom?

    My 82 year-old mom took care of my dad for 20 years (he had a long string of serious illnesses). When he passed away six years ago, her health was poor, due to all those years of neglecting her own needs. She had high blood pressure and moderate kidney failure.  About 2 years ago, she took a minor fall...

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  • andrea44446 2

    Worried about Mum's persistent choking cough

    Mum's nearly 83 and has A-Fib and Vascular dementia. For the last 2 weeks she's had the return of a persistent cough which is very loose. She has coughing attacks where she can almost choke and on Friday coughed so much that mucus was pouring from her nose and didn't help that she was out...

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  • angm 2
  • deb1957 2

    I've Become Mum's Carer

    My 87 year old mum was widowed six years ago. She has never had friends or been able to sort her own finances out. I have often felt more like the parent than the child, to the point I moved 30 miles away to live my own life. I have always visited and done her shopping every week, but when her mobility deteriorated...

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  • phoenix664 2

    Any other carers out there?!

    HI, I'm 31 years old, married with two children. My mother-in-law has late stage lung cancer...after many years of battling other forms of the horrible C-word. she would not consider herself elderly, as she still struts around in stilletto heels and neon fluffy'll gather she is quirky to...

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  • benjamin p95887 2
  • Chuffcat 1

    Basic Nursing Care or Common Sense?

    My 88 year old Mother has been in hospital for a few weeks. During that time she has rarely had a drinking glass beside her when visited. Sometimes she has had no water. He walking sticks vanished after a few days. We requested that they be returned or she would fall. They were not returned and she fell....

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  • Guest M

    About a year and a half ago my Mother-in-Law, who is app...

    About a year and a half ago my Mother-in-Law, who is approx. 70 years old, started exhibiting problems finding the right words. This was barely noticeable at first, but progressed steadily until she began using the wrong words (at first seemingly without noticing) and then not being able to find words...

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  • roman230654 1

    pancreatic cancer

    hi just found this website and would like to know if anybody has been told that they have stage3/4 locally advanced cancer with vascular invovlment. was diagnosed october 15 this year . i have been offered chemo but dont know whether it will help me. my world has been turned upside down 

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  • najma43931 2
  • Guest M

    I have discovered this site today as I am unhappy with t...

    I have discovered this site today as I am unhappy with the lack of help/care offered to patients who are very seriously ill or even terminally ill. It seems alot of help and support is offered if you are suffering from a cancer but nothing is available if you have another equally distressing disease....

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  • mel1963 1

    Moving elderly parent close to me

    My father is ailing and well aware that he may soon need to go in to a care home.  The problem is he lives 100 miles away from me, so it would  make more sense for him to be near to me.  He has always been independent until recently, but if he was in a home in his town there would be no one to visit...

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  • LleidaLiz 2

    Normal body temperature in 82 year old male

    What is considered to be a normal body temperature in an 82 year old male? My fathers was 35.1'c today. He had an icd fitted in Oct '15 & was advised to maintain a room temperature of 21'c - we've done this over the winter. Now the better weather is coming he still seems to be feeling the cold, whereas...

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  • jannie26408 4

    Hyperextended leg after ankle surgery

    i am 4.5 months post ankle surgery from two breaks and dislocation. I'm still in wheelchair and FWB in walker for short stints. My dorsiflexion is very limited in foot which has caused hyoerextention in my knee. I am unable to support my injured leg to even start walking properly. I cannot pull my foot...

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  • pixie90 1

    How to relieve foot pain?

    My mum has been suffering from alot of foot pain lately and I was just wondering if anyone knows what things do people find works when relieving foot pain? I would really appreciate the feedback! Thanks

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  • rebecca29136 2

    Advice for carers

    Hello everyone I am new to this so go easy on me.  I am a senior carer currently full time, I want to starrt my own company and make it different from everything else for example when one of my adies or gents is refered to as a 'client' I find it incredably impersonal when you are doing very personal...

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  • sean13539 1

    More details about Charles Bonnet Syndrome

    I have attacks where part of my vision is obscured by a circular saw ( partially or wholly ) edge type image in glowing yellow. I have connected this with the use of an LCD ( fluorescent tubes ) display to read letters at normal brilliance. Has anyone suffered similar experiences?

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  • Alan9999 2

    What help is available

    Hi. I wonder if anyone can help? My wife is 61 and has cancer. Currently I am caring for her but will be returning to work soon, and I believe she needs quite a lot of care. Due to her illness she often suffers from confusion (with dementia-like symptoms), and this can come on at any time and cannot...

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  • charles William 2

    I have been abused, what should I do?

    Where do you take a complaint after the ombudsman tells you that "We have decided that the Trust has provided you with reasonable responses... and have concluded that no further action by us is necessary." I have been physically and verbally abused on six ocassions but no-one seems to care!! I care enough...

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  • MikeP 2

    Paying for Care in the UK

    I thought i would post something in the elderly care section as it seems to have gone pretty quiet over the past week. So i am not sure if i have shared this on here before but i have been dealing with the headache of trying to convince my elderly parents to move into full time care as it is becoming...

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  • amanda1827h 6

    what help for the carer?

    Hi I am 5 weeks post op having had a hip replacement! I am now in trouble with social service s as I should be back to my caring role with full time care of my husband! But feel now I too have got arthritis life for me will not be easy! Sorry to moan! I am going to fight for carers rights!!

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  • Guest M

    Falls in the Elderly

    This article is very good and talks a lot of sense. Unfortunately the follow up care after a fall just does not exist! My 85 year old mother has fallen several times. Her GP referred her to a local 'falls clinic' apparently run by physios and for the 6 weeks that she attended, having been picked up...

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  • mia20808 2

    Advice please taking Prodaxa!

    Hello! Just wondering please to hear some expierences- taking Pradaxa. I am extremely concerned for my grandmother who's 80 years old. She started to take this tablet in April, however the last couple of weeks Drs thought she was suffering from Labrynthitus. We are now wondering if my Grandmother is...

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  • judy75802 2

    Too many pills (beta blockers and water pills and severe dehydration

    This isn't a care question exactly but at wits end. My mom has been in the hospital at least 3 times over dehydration. Doc's always changing meds and then GP's change them back. She was on 2 beta blockers and a water pill when the second to last trip the dr said she was over medicated (she is 88 yrs....

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  • amanda1827h 6


    Hi I am a carer! Not very well at the moment! But I am struggling to come to my own terms with my issues! As I have arthritis! So not good! Hubby is also with joint issues and sight and hearing loss! So I feel tearful at the moment! Regards Amanda

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