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Mebeverine Hydrochloride

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  • ray43266 1

    My advice

    hi, it's awful lots of people nowadays seem depressed, can you talk about why? Maybe going to your doctor might help. We live in such a busy world hope this helps abit, you just need someone to take the time to listen, & advise best course of action.

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  • Guest M

    Unwanted side effects

    :? My GP thinks that I may have irratable bowel syndrome, but I am not at all sure that this is the cause of my stomach problems I am experiencing. He prescribed Mebeverine Hydrochloride to see how this worked out. Within 45 minutes of taking the tablet, I found I was dizzy, disorientated and felt

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  • Flik22 2

    Acidophilus probiotic

    Hello, I popped into Holland and Barrett and asked for some advice on my IBS, I've decided to eliminate dairy from my diet to see if that's a trigger, I was taking a yoghurt probiotic and they advised to take Acidophilius, I was wondering if anyone else takes these and if you've had any improvements?...

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  • Guest M

    Does anyone know if Mebervine helps with the diarrhoea IBS

    Hello, I'm 15 years old and I have just been diagnosed with IBS and have been prescribed with Mebervine, i suffer really badly from the diarrhoea side of it and was wondering whether Mebervine actually helps with it or do i need to take immodium on top? Thanks, Vicky.

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  • mike27884 1

    colofac (mebeverine hydrochloride) side effects

    Hi, I have been on colofac (mebeverine hydrochloride) for 3 weeks My IBS has been 3 times worse since taking this medication, stomach cramps, gas, feeling sick, bloating and sickness after eating and loss of appetite. Im going back the doctors friday, however im wondering if it takes a while to

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  • Forestflower 3

    Change in ibs symptoms

    Hey. I've suffered from ibs for about 8"9 years now . I take mebeverine, buscopan and lanzoprizole for it and it's symptoms. But recently I've been getting a cold sensation in my stomach/intestines. (Which I've only ever had a burning sensation when I've had a bad flare up before) also I feel

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  • heather69720 1

    I've been prescribed colofac for problems with pancreas?

    Will it help with the nausea and frequent pain I am experiencing in my stomach? The pain is high up in my pancreas, I do suffer occasionally with IBS if I eat wheat, but not that often so am wondering why the doctor has given mebeverine. Is there another treatment that would suit the condition better,...

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  • hannah87409 1

    Depression and IBS HELP

    I was diagnosed with depression three years ago and have been taking citalopram. Two months ago I had a blood test due to IBS symptoms such as bloating and it came back clear. The last two weeks I've felt so ill and so did a stool test and that came back clear as well. I've had constant diarreah

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  • emily 92420 3

    Should I Take Mebeverine Hydrochloride?

    Im 20 years old and just been diagnosed with IBS D. Compared to some of the stories on here i don't have it nearly as bad and am considered a minor sufferer. However i suffer from Generalized Aniexty Disorder and have just been through / still going through (and will be for a while) a very

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  • thomas44921 2

    Mebeverine - Unwanted side effects?

    Hello, First time post - sorry for the novel! I have recently been suffering from a lot of stress (work related and personal). It's got to the point of being signed off work because it's just become overwhelming coping and I don't know where to start. Starting therapy soon which I hope can help - that'

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  • dollyhorse 2

    Does Mebeverine have cumulative effect?

    Hello everyone, ​I was diagnosed with IBS just before Christmas last year and prescribed Mebeverine.  As GP said I shouldn't worry, it wasn't serious and she asked if I was an anxious person (I am on occasion and was whilst having this attack), my symptoms decreased quite a lot over Christmas and

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  • ray43266 1
  • Bubbles12 1

    IBS and coughing / sore throat

    Hello. I have recently been diagnosed with IBS, but my main symptoms are not so much the spasms / pain, but a nasty cough associated with acid reflux, and the sore throat that goes with it. It is worse in the mornings, and if I lean forward. Eating / talking / stress also bring it on more. Does

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  • philippa61759 6

    Mebeverine side effects

    I was put on Mebeverine while the doctor was trying in vain to diagnose my sore stomach.  But I developed four new symptoms within 24 hours of taking them and I felt 50% worse.  I felt as if I had swallowed a pebble within minutes even though the tablet was relatively small, my constipation worsened,...

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  • natalie29844 2

    IBS symtoms since around 13 years onow 18

    I have been dealing with a heavily bloated stomach since I was around 13, I have finally been told its likely to be ibs, I was prescribed mabeverine however since then I've experienced pain after each meal. This has rarely happens before I started taking mabeverine. Has anyone else experienced this?...

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  • Lisaleo1208 2


    I was diagnosed with IBS years ago due to stress when I was about 15-16.(I'm now 42) I've had the occasional 'flare up', but nothing to what I'm experiencing now. I've had a bloated tummy for about a week or so (look like I'm at least 3 months pregnant), with my tummy gurgling awfully. I have

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  • Guest M

    Mebeverine and ovarian cancer

    Mebeverine was prescribed for me for colon spasms and diarrhoea which was actually caused by ovarian cancer. The symptoms can be very similar to those experienced by IBS patients and I was misdiagnosed for three years as having this complaint. When I was finally correctly diagnosed during

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  • sam85466 2

    Suffering with Gastritis for 6 Months with no relief

    Hi I've been suffering with indigestion heartburn burning knawring stomach pain nausea and bloating after eating for several months! I've been to hospital twice when it got really bad and they put me on 80mg omprazole as they think I have gastritis! Although I haven't had an endoscopy to prove

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  • george09448 1

    mebeverine side effects

    I had been having some stomach pains and unsettled stomach, but also had been having dizziness, vertigo similar labirynthitis symptoms. The doctor wanted to focus on the IBS type symptoms and prescribe mebeverine and fybogel. I've been feeling strange since taking it although stomach is OK, and

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  • rosie92284 1

    How to take mebeverine

    I have been given mebeverine on a repeat prescription for IBS-D. For a while I was taking this mediceine 3 times daily as required and I found I was getting a lot better, although still needed frequent toilet trips they were less embaressing. Because of the sucess I started to reduce my dose to 2

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  • david42167 2

    Mebeverine/Fybogel combined

    may have posted this in the wrong forum so will try again. For Diverticula I have been prescribed Mebeverine tablets and Fybogel. In the chemists the other day I noticed that they had been combined into one dose. Is any other poster taking these? 

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  • diane11307 2

    Juicing for IBS

    Hi, I have been reading up on juicing.  I wondered if anyone has ever tried juicing and if it has helped with their IBS? It sounds as though its a good way of giving the digestive system a rest and rebuilding it.

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  • olive8 1

    Had spasms in right side

    Been baking Christmas cakes and dumplings and mince meat pies and eating them too, much too much. Have given myself upset bowel and spasm like dull aching pain in left side of back near the middle but more to side.  Have taken two mebeverine in the hope it might go. It kept me awake last night.  

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  • diane11307 2

    Does anyone find mebeverine dehydrates them?

    I have just been diagnosed with IBS last week and have been given mebeverine and peppermint oil to take at meal times.  Since then i have found i am always thirsty and my eyes are very dry, has anyone else had the same?

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  • david42167 2


    After years of working perfectly my bowel functions suddenly went awry. Frequent and often urgent visits to the loo became the norm particularly after eating. A colonoscopy found I had Diverticula. Mebeverine was prescribed. 3 times per day 20 mins (at least) before food. At first I would have

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  • jen20199 1

    ibs given mebeverine

    I have been diagnose ibs from symptoms and given mebeverine at first seemed to help only been few weeks of taking them and already seem not to be working as good some days when im working having to take the 3 tabs within about a 6 hour space . would asking doc to up dose help im on 135 mg 3 times a

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  • penguin 1


    does anyone out there use the above medication with any better results than non prescribed medications.

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  • Guest M

    16 just been diagnosed, scared!

    i'm 16 and have been diagnosed with IBS a few weeks ago, i have been prescribed mebeverine but are really scared to take it. I have been planning my life around the nearest toilet and always have to carry anti diarrhoea tablets with me otherwise i get panicky and make myself worse. the anti

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  • Guest M

    Mebeverine and periods?

    I was diagnosed with IBS about 2 months ago and was given mebeverine capsules (the colofac ones) for the first month, and was given the tablet ones (135mg) this month. I have been keeping a food diary and think that dairy products may be a trigger of my IBS, so have been cutting them out to see if

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  • Guest M

    Thumbs Up

    Mebeverine was a lifesaver for me. I didn't have IBS, but spasms in my stomach which were making me sick all day every day. The pain was unbearable, and after almost a full year of not being able to keep food down and a huge list of things I couldn't possibly eat - I would have tried anything!

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  • Barbara F 1
  • Barbara F 1
  • Guest M

    possible side effects of mebeverine

    Went to the doctors monday (19/4/2010) as been suffering with IBS type symtoms for several months. The doctors confirmed i had IBS and perscribed me Mebeverine and was told to take 3 times a day. I got home and took one straight away and within an hour I was in SEVERE pain, worse than anything I

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  • Guest M

    Prescribed Mebeverine Hydrochloride-4yrs of bloating & w

    I have been suffering from bloating and wind for 4 years. Im 22 and it has restricted my confidence at work and my social life. I have been tested as non-coeliac and have tried cutting out wheat and dairy. I have been prescribed Mebeverine Hydrochloride in response to whether these are the effects

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  • Guest M
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