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  • karen95965 1

    Hemiplegic migraine and topiramate

    I am a 55 year old female in UK and have just been prescribed topiramate for my hemiplegic migraine by my go. Having looked at discussion forums it seems that this drug is a real danger. I am too scared to take it, any suggestions on how to keep an eye on the side effects.

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  • YorkshireLass1 3

    Please be careful & watch your symptoms.

    After 35+ years of headaches/migraines and screaming at every GP I could find I finally got to see a neurologist at the Nuffield and have been on topiramate for 5 months. I had a few side effects to start with like tingling fingers, face and heels but that was bearable, and of course the weight loss...

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  • LLL3 1

    Am I going crazy?

    I was recently put on Topamax 25 mg for my migraines. I asked what the side effects would be. The doctor said most common are tingly hands. I have that and I just don't feel like myself. I'm slow at thinking, I'm breaking out, I force myself to eat and food does not taste good. Nothing taste...

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  • Day7285 1

    Toperimate/Topamax horrid Side effects ?!?!

    I have been taking 400mg of topamax twice a day (so 800mg a day) for a couple years now. For the last 6-9 months my right shoulder and arm have been hurting so bad I feel if I cut it off I would be better off. The muscle cramps and spasms so bad I cry day and night and have been to the ER twice. It feels...

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  • j3943 1

    Stopping topamax and it's effects

    I was taking topamax 50 mg per day for about a year. I stopped 3 weeks ago due to an insurance change. I had my period about two weeks ago. A few days ago I started spotting, with minor cramps and back pain. A bit similar to a period but not like I usually get. My question to those who were on the medication...

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  • Mozell 1

    Topamax is evil

    I've been on topamax for 3 months I asked dr to change my meds he did to propanalol for 4 days I've been having headaches my question is. Is this a withdrawal an I was taking topamax for migraines

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  • ronnie39403 1

    Anyone else had stomach pains while taking Topiramate / Topamax

    I experienced stomach pains within weeks of taking Topiramax, which was to help my migraines. I was unaware this was the cause at first. However, after a colonoscopy, a colonography and an MRI scan showed to be normal, I had to diagnose the problem myself and by means of elimination and it proved to...

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  • kellyzboyz 3

    Should I be concerned???

    I tapered off of Topomax a little over a month ago. I'm feeling so much better! Although I'm happy that I'm not gaining any of the weight back that I lost, sometimes considering how much I've eaten it amazes me! If I gained back a few pounds it would be no big deal. I've read so many people's comments...

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  • lynda56107 2

    Not losing any weight..

    So I've been on 400 mg of topiramate 200 in the morning 200 in the evening and haven't lost much weight.. I really thought I'd lose something.. maybe another medicine is keeping the weight on.. I really can't say but I thought this medicine was supposed to counter that.. maybe it doesn't work for me...

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  • kellyzboyz 3

    Shampoo for thinning Hair!

    I found a shampoo, they actually have a whole treatment kit. I'm hoping it will help with the damage the Topamax did. Does anyone know how long after stopping the medication your hair will stop falling out in clumps, if you happen to have this side effect? Lastly, although I didn't go on Topamax to...

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  • jessica81491 1

    Are these side effects normal?

    I was put on topiramate 9 days ago, 25mg twice a day, at the one week mark I started taking 75 mg daily and next Friday I will be at my goal of 100mg. Since starting I have yet to have a migraine yay! But I have had some numbness in my fingertips, tingling in my feet and if I sit cross legged to long...

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  • martina55336 1

    Toperimate side effects

    Hi I am new to this forum, I have recently started toperimate 25mg 6days ago for migraine I had previously been on amiitryptiline 50mg stopped 1werk prior (suddenly) to starting toperimate no reduction as advised by neurologist! I have awful cold chills, no temperature, low b/p, breathlessness. have...

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  • emma93780 4

    Any Positive thoughts on Topamax?

    I have been prescribed this today for migraines but all I have read is negative stories about taking the drug, does anyone have anything positive to say about it? I'm aware that it probably comes with side effects as like nearly all new tablets we have to take long term however all the negative comments...

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  • Claire8554093 1

    Weaning off prozac

    Hey there. I have been on prozac for 30days now, 20mg and I want to get off it. I don't know whether to wean off it or c/t. If i c/t will i be at risk for discontinuation syndrome? I am taking prozac to help with ativan withdrawal that i am currently still in . I was prescribed ativan for seizures that...

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  • kerry6161 2

    Topirimate overdose

    Three years ago I eas prescribed Topirimate by the pain clinic. I suffer from a condition called bilateral cervical stenosis, it's very painful and as I get older my condition will worsen. I had been on pregabalin and gabapentin before Topirimate. All I was told by the doctor in the pain clinic, was...

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  • kerry6161 2

    Topirimate - memory loss??

    Has anyone on this awful drug experienced loss of memory?  I can remember very little of the fateful day I tried to take my life. What I want to find out is, is it selective memory loss or another damn awful side effect of the drug. 

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  • tracymc1968 1

    Topiramate - hair loss

    HI, am looking for some advice. My 15 year old daughter has been taking topiramate for about five weeks after four years of funny turns which have finally been diagnosed as migraine by a neurologist.  Yesterday she cam downstairs in tears after feeling a bald spot at the back of her head. She has incredibly...

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  • lynda56107 2

    Topiramate -withdrawal

    I've been on this medication for about 8 months.. it worked for my bipolar but that's not necessarily why the dr put me on it.. I was supposed to lose weight... to make a long story short.. I didn't my doctor took me off of it.. She told me to quit cold turkey for a few reasons... Well it's been...

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  • blessmommy 2

    hey need advice thanks

    My Dr put me on topamax for migranies any advice I take it at night low dose any one had good experience on it r any advice I was told makes you very sleepy thank y'all

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  • jamie 33298 2

    Topiramate - Side pain relief

    I'm a 27 year old male and I started taking Topiramate about 6 months ago and since starting this medication I have been waking up most mornings with a pain in my left side! I have been to the doctors who have said it is most likely one of the side effects of Topiramate. They gave me some tables which...

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  • laurajane2508 2
  • Hailey1981 1

    Topamax and upper severe upper body muscle spasms

    I started taking Topamax 50 MG 2btimes a day for mood stabilization and I am 5 weeks in I started have severe muscle spasms cramping and pain in my neck and my shoulders that are causing severe migraines. My other muscles in my body and my joints are stiff. Does anyone else have this issue? Preferably...

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  • Dumdum 2

    Annual review result

    Went up to UCH to the National Nuerological Centre for my annual review. I eventually over  year finished up in the Cognitive Disease Clinic, and they said they would keep me for ten years as they cannot slot me into any particular box. Anyway in the course of the conversation with the Professor I am...

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  • james9324 1

    Efficacy of Topamax seems to be diminished over time

    I'm 65 yr old male. Migraines began in high school, lasted 3 or 4 years and vanished until 2003. Was Getting 3 or more weekly treating the onset with Relpax until my neuro prescribed Topamax in 2006 (25mgs in AM and 25 mgs prior to bed) Some side effects, occasional tingling in fibgers, and difficulty...

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  • laurajane2508 2

    Does anyone take topirimate for IIH?

    I've been taking Topirimate for InterCranial Hypertension for around 12 months now, originally posted on this site for information about the tablets because I was having a lot of bad symptoms with them. However I continued with them as the only other option was a shunt of some sort so I have decided...

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  • emma93780 4

    To take or not to take

    I have just been prescribed Topamax by my neuro and I don't know whether to take it or not, I went to my gp on Tuesday and he sent me away with an info leaflet and said come back in a week and see if I still want it etc, I take sertraline and propanranol for anxiety caused by constant dizziness and general...

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  • QuirkyTurtle89 2

    Should I stick with it?

    Hi, I have suffered from chronic headaches since about 10 years old and have always been fobbed off by doctors until I was 21 when I kept a headache diary. After trying a number of different medications (inc. Amitriptyline which did not work) and changing surgeries I've now been referred to a neurologist...

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  • maureen20699 1

    New to Topiramate

    hi I''v been taking this now for 2 weeks once a day. 25mg but have increased it in the last 2 days to twice a day. The question is I just do not feel well & have bee advised not to stop taking this medication but is it safe just to stop it at this level before I get to caught up with it. I cannot sleep...

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  • kellyzboyz 3

    Hair Loss

    I've been off Topamax for two weeks now and still losing lot's of hair. Does anyone know when I should stop losing my hair? Thanks for any information anyone can offer me! I appreciate it!

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  • kellyzboyz 3

    Weight Gain?

    Has anyone been successful going off of Topamax and still keeping the weight off? Thanks for your input, I really appreciate it!

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  • kellyzboyz 3

    Topamax Side Effects

    Me...again! I feel like such a pain! I was having a lot of side effects consistant with Topamax side effects. After a colonoscopy, upper GI, lot's of blood work, I thought about it and figured it must be the Topamax!!! I was thrilled! I've finally figured out what was wrong with me after six...

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  • sarahj1983 2

    Topiramate and not eating, is this normal?

    I have been getting headaches/migraines for 12 years and i went to get my eyes tested like i do every 2 years, they sent me to hospital and when i got there i had scans and lumber puncures done and i was told i had iih so i was put on Topiramate. This was 3 months ago. I am on 50mg in the morning and...

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  • kellyzboyz 3

    Prenatal Vitamins for hair Loss

    Just wanted to let everyone that is looking for supplements to help with hair loss, prenatal vitamins aren't going to help, did some reading and apparently the reason pregnant women seem to have such healthy hair is because of the extra hormones their bodies make during pregnancy, unfortunately, prenatal...

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  • kellyzboyz 3


    I'm happy to finally be of of Topamax! My big fear, although I didn't go on it to lose weight, it's the only good thing that came out of all the suffering I had on Topamax. Is it true that now that I'm off of it I'm going to gain back everything I lost and have no control over the weight gain. I'm ...

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  • kellyzboyz 3

    Considering stopping Topamax cold turkey

    Been on Topamax for 7 months, started tapering at 50 mg. last week, no side effects. Down to 150 and still having my original side effects. Is it safe to just stop, I was on it for OCD. My other concern, if I'm careful about what I eat will I still gain weight when I stop Topamax or do you have no control...

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