Migraine Action

4th Floor
27 East Street

Tel: 0116 275 8317 (10 am-4 pm weekdays)

Web: www.migraine.org.uk

Migraine Action is a registered national charity which, for over 50 years, has been providing support to those affected by migraine, whether individuals, families, employers or employees and medical professionals.  They provide:

  • Advice (whether on the phone, online or in person).
  • Information (through booklets, their websites, including specific sites for young migraineurs, and the support of a nurse specialist on their dedicated helplines).
  • Research (collaborating with academic institutions in order to understand the causes of, and reduce the impact of migraine).
  • A link between medical professionals and those who are affected by migraine.

Last updated on 15/10/2014

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