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Dr John Cox

Dr John Cox, MRCGP


Dr John Cox worked as a Medical Registrar in the UK and New Zealand and as a locum Physician in New Zealand.

He worked in the National Health Service as a General Medical Practitioner for 30 years. He also worked as a Clinical Assistant in Psychiatry and as part of the Adult Family Therapy team for 25 years. Latterly He was approved under Section 12 of the Mental Health Act to help in assessments under the Mental Health Act. He is a long-serving member of’s content team, with extensive experience of peer reviewing patient leaflets and clinical articles

Dr Cox became a Non-Executive Director at South Somerset Mind from 2014, when he retired from General Practice, and has been a trustee from 2017, now with Mind in Somerset. He has been a Champion for Mental Health with the Somerset PCG/PCO/CCG and been a keen advocate of whole person care. He also volunteers for the local Hospice.