Dr Suchita Shah

Dr Suchita Shah

General Practitioner and Public Health Specialist

MRCGP, MPH, MA (Cantab), MPhil, BMBch (Oxon), DCH, DFSRH, DRCOG

Dr Suchita Shah is a GP, Population & Global Health specialist, writer, editor, and medical educator.

She qualified from Cambridge University with a starred First Class degree in neuroscience, coming top in the university, and an MPhil in International Relations. She then completed her medical degree at Oxford University and, several years later, got a Master of Public Health degree from Harvard.

Since 2004, Suchita has cultivated a freelance portfolio career that builds on her varied interests and general enthusiasm for combining medicine with the arts, humanities and social sciences.

She is a GP based in Oxford and a Primary Care Undergraduate Tutor and Examiner at the University of Oxford Medical School. She is part of the Royal College of General Practitioners Curriculum Team, which sets the national educational framework for GP training. She has been involved in many exciting projects with the RCGP, including co-authoring the curriculum for England's Personalised Care Institute, introducing Planetary Health into the GP curriculum, and helping to develop family medicine training around the world.

Suchita is also an independent Population and Global Health consultant. Her passion for global health has taken her all over the world - from Cambodia to Chile - inspiring her along the way to take up photography, travel writing, and even film-making. She writes for various local and national publications and is a member of the Medical Journalists’ Association. In 2016 she was a finalist in the Bradt Stanford New Travel Writer of the Year competition.

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