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Léa Surugue

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Léa is a freelance science journalist specialising in topics linked to health and the environment.

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Yellow fever is endemic to many countries in Latin America and Africa and can often be fatal. Vaccination is currently the best protection against this deadly disease - but what are the risks?

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The sea has long been a popular destination for people seeking to treat different conditions and for convalescent patients. We take a look at the evidence of its therapeutic benefits.

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Stress and lack of self-confidence are some of the devastating consequences of severe skin conditions. But can stress also be a cause, triggering the problem in the first place?

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Sugar detoxes are popular, especially after the festive season. But giving up sugar entirely may not be the best option for everyone and doesn't necessarily lead to a healthy diet.

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Feeling sleepy and sluggish in the middle of winter? You're not alone. We ask two sleep experts whether you really need more slumber on colder, shorter days.

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