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Emily Bashforth

Emily Jane Bashforth

Feature Writer

Emily is a Feature Writer with Patient, writing articles on a variety of topics relating to health and well-being.

Emily also works as a writer, creator and advocate outside of Patient, specialising in mental health, LGBTQ+, and lifestyle content.

Her work is featured in the likes of MetroUK, GLAMOUR, iNews, PinkNews, Bustle, LGBTQ Nation, Wellby, Wellcome Collection, and InspireTheMind.

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Exercising our brains is every bit as important as exercising our bodies. Most of us don't consider our brains as a body part that needs exercise, or even give a thought to its health until something goes wrong. However, exercising your brain can help protect against dementia, improve your attention span, sharpen your focus and boost your chances of it performing to its full potential throughout your life.

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There are a number of reasons why we like to hug others. Sometimes it's for comfort in times of sadness, sometimes it's an expression of joy, or perhaps as a romantic gesture. Hugs can be an integral part of our everyday lives, but did you know there are health benefits of hugging?

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If you have black skin, there are certain habits you can adopt in order to keep your skin feeling and looking healthy, and to avoid problems during the cold winter. Getting to know your skin and how it changes throughout the year, and also how different products work, can help you construct a trusty routine to keep your skin hydrated and happy.

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Most of us love the feeling of stretching first thing in the morning but, chances are, we don't put much thought into what stretches we do. But did you know that there are specific stretches that will start your day off on the right note?

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Most of us know the feeling. It's the middle of winter, it's very cold outside, the mornings are dark and the only place you want to be is buried beneath the duvet. Decreased motivation levels and low mood can affect all aspects of our lives. But why exactly do we feel less motivated during the colder months? And how do we combat winter tiredness?

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