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Rose Butcher

Rose Butcher

Feature Writer

Rose is a Feature Writer with Patient, covering a variety of topics about mental health, ADHD and well-being.

Rose also works as a writer, creator and advocate outside of Patient, specialising in mental health, opinion, and lifestyle content.

As an Editor of Black Bear, Age of Empathy and The Memoirist and a columnist for QuickTalk on Medium, Rose works hard to make sure others' stories are given the best lease on life. Her blog and website also spotlight her candid personal stories and her collaboration with a fellow blogger is featured in MetroUK.

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As good as our intentions are at the start of the year, we can sometimes put ourselves under immense pressure to see through our new year’s resolutions. Failing to meet our own expectations can make us give them up entirely, which has a knock-on effect on our mental health. When this happens, what can be done to ensure we stick to our goals for the year?

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