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Victoria Raw

Feature Writer

BA (Hons), English Literature

Victoria is a content writer with Patient whose special interests focus on mental wellbeing, societal trends and the impact of technology on our health.

Victoria has collaborated with various charities throughout her career, including Andy's Man Club, the RSPCA and Barnardo's. She has also worked with major retail brands such as Marks and Spencer, Tesco and Morrisons, as well as entertainment giants like Disney and Warner Bros.

When she's not busy creating compelling content, Victoria spends her time producing podcasts and attending to the demands of her beloved cat Fizzgig.

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Hot weather seems like the best time to soak up the sun, work on a tan or play outdoors. But warmth and heat can be dangerous. Sunburn can sometimes blister, causing pain and infection. What causes sunburn blisters? How do you treat them and should you really pop them?

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The list of causes of dizziness is almost endless - but problems with your inner ear cause a special kind of dizziness called vertigo. If you have vertigo, you don't just feel dizzy - the world spins around you and makes you feel woozy or light-headed. Vertigo can affect your balance, make you unsteady on your feet, and feel generally unwell. You may also experience feelings of sickness or vomit.

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Common signs of alcohol intoxication might seem familiar to us. But understanding the effects of alcohol on our insides can be a different story. While flushed cheeks, sweating, and hot flushes make us feel warm, our core body temperature is actually dropping. When does this become dangerous and how can we drink safely?

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When it comes to our teeth, many of us feel insecure about our not-so-pearly whites. If you're looking for a brighter smile, you might be exploring teeth whitening options. But is there anything we should know about the safety of teeth whitening?

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Anxiety around being stung by a wasp is why so many of us fear them. We've all been there, screaming hysterically and running in circles trying to escape a wasp when it starts buzzing around our heads. But did you know that the average person gets stung by an insect no more than five times in their life?

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