Urine Dipstick Test

Authored by Dr Jacqueline Payne, 02 Jun 2017

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Dr Adrian Bonsall, 02 Jun 2017

A urine dipstick test is a test of urine, using a special strip of paper that is dipped into a sample of urine. The result is available almost immediately. It is sometimes called a rapid urine test.

You have an appointment to see a doctor and your letter asks you to take a sample of urine. You're pregnant and your midwife tells you always to take a sample of urine with you for any antenatal appointments.

Why is this? Well, urine is normally sterile - this means it's completely free of germs (bacteria) - and only has in it waste chemicals from all of the millions of chemical reactions that go on in your body all of the time.

Or that's how it should be. But in some conditions chemicals that shouldn't normally be there get through the filtering systems in your kidneys and get into your urine. This is where urine dipstick testing comes in.

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