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How quickly will you respond?

This inbox is monitored at all times, and we respond to genuine enquiries and media opportunities as soon as possible. Please note that we're UK based and therefore may be a little slower to reply to international enquiries (although if we're awake, we'll reply).

What do you offer?

  • Comment, quotes and appearances from our clinical director and seasoned media medic, Dr Sarah Jarvis MBE
  • Access to over 20 practicing GPs, each with their own areas of specialism
  • Stats and facts on global health trends
  • Expert contributions to your awareness campaigns, with publicity via our email newsletter and social channels

Can I use existing quotes from your website?

We'd always prefer you to get in touch so we can discuss providing some fresh insight for your piece.

If you are quoting a fact, definition or anything else from our site, please do us the courtesy of providing a link back to the original source.

Will you help promote my product?

We work with various third party organisations to deliver their message to our users. Head to our commercial opportunities page to find out more.

I'm not a member of the media, can I still message you?

If you have a more general question or comment about our content, please use our contact form.