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Dr Krishna Vakharia: A look back - and forward

2022 brought with it the end of lockdown and social distancing due to COVID-19. However, with it we saw an increase in diseases and illnesses that kept us all on our toes. At Patient, we published new information about mpox - previously known as monkeypox - polio and new leaflets on Group A streptococcus which had taken hold by the end of the year.

We know people worry and we can get lost in all the information when we do internet searches. For this reason I wrote about my personal experience with scarlet fever, sharing tips on symptoms and when we should worry. We also published articles around the topic so that you could get the information you needed quickly.

In a world where information is all too freely available, it is also often conflicting and confusing, and it can be hard to work out who is telling the truth. Everything published on is written or reviewed by doctors so you can always rely on us to be your source for accurate, up-to-date information.

All our patient information leaflets are written by doctors and then checked for accuracy by other doctors. Every feature written is reviewed by me, a working GP, to make sure that all our recommendations are accurate and reflect best guidance. is trusted for medical information by both GPs and patients because of this. Our leaflets are a great help when navigating new symptoms and diagnosis.

We listened to you, our readers, and what information you needed and wanted to read on a wide variety of topics. This ranges from specific conditions to how our environment, the fuel crisis and the increased cost of living all have a direct impact on our health. Popular articles have been about the Blue Zones - looking at how being in certain areas of the world influences health and living longer, burnout and cow's milk allergy. We have also created specific patient information leaflets such as COVID-19 and Long COVID so that you are armed with latest information.

We are always practical, and give advice and tips on how best to remain healthy during these times. We have also brought you recipes and other interesting articles, which we know mean a lot to you. We pride ourselves on including all our readers with articles on topics ranging from women's health, LGBTQ+ articles, to men's and children's health: all of us need accurate, unbiased information.

Looking forward to 2023, we will continue to give you more high-quality patient information leaflets and offer articles in an increasing variety of ways - bite-size as well as full features and articles.

In these ever-changing times, and as we face the various illnesses that crop up, we will remain your trusted and most reliable source of truth in the world of healthcare. From all of us at - keep safe and have a Healthy and Happy New Year! We look forward to being with you throughout 2023.

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