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Book appointments, order repeat prescriptions and view your medical record

Available on android and iOS

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What is Patient Access?

With Patient Access, you can now access your local GP services at home, work or on the move — wherever you can connect to the internet. What's more, because Patient Access is a 24 hour online service you can do this in your own time, day or night.

Please note: your local practice may not offer every Patient Access feature. Ask at your surgery to find out which are available to you.

Patient Access is the new name for EMIS Access.

I had to quickly get more of one drug for muscle spasms recently, and rather than ring the surgery to explain, I typed a short note to the receptionist via an online form and it was delivered that day.

———  Andrea Hartely

Patient at Haughton Thornley Medical Centre, Cheshire

Can I use Patient Access?

Around 1 in 4 practices currently offer this service. When you register a check will be made to see if your practice offers the service to become a Patient Online.

How do I register?

Simply complete the form here, ask at your surgery, or click register now to find out if Patient Access is available to you.

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Is my information secure?

All information that is sent to your surgery via Patient Access is secure. Your personal details are encrypted and protected using the highest standard internet security, so it cannot be intercepted. Only you and your GP surgery are able to see this information.