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Danny Buckland

Danny Buckland

Freelance Journalist

Danny Buckland is an award-winning health journalist who writes for national newspapers, medical magazines and health websites.

He also provides strategic advice to healthcare charities and companies across a range of themes.

Danny regularly interviews leading clinicians and policy makers and attends medical conferences to glean the latest therapy information across all sectors.

His work has been featured on the influential PMLiVE magazine website. He has also contributed to The Times via its Raconteur health supplementation information, covering all aspects of health delivery and policy. He is a regular contributor to the Daily Mirror and the Daily Mail, providing articles on new developments in healthcare and technology.

He is also a key member of the award-winning Sunday Express Crusade for Better Mental Health and has been shortlisted twice for the Journalist of the Year category at the Mind charity media awards. His blog Future Pills examines trends and issues in healthcare, treatments, innovation and technology.

Danny is an member of the Medical Journalists' Association executive committee and a member of the Guild of Health Writers.

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