Dr Toni Hazell

Dr Toni Hazell

MBBS, BSc, MRCGP, DFSRH, Dip GU med, DRCOG, DCH (London, UK, 2000)

Dr. Toni Hazell qualified from St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School and did her VTS at Northwick Park Hospital. 

She is a GP in Tottenham with particular interests in women’s health, sexual health, HIV, asthma and allergies. Toni has a strong academic background and works for the Royal College of GPs as an eLearning fellow. She also writes CPD for a variety of organisations, is an appraiser, is a GP representative for Haringey LMC and sits on the board of the Primary Care Women's Health Forum. She has considerable presenting and chairing experience at both face to face and online conferences. Further information and examples of her work can be found at www.tonihazell.com  

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