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Karine Patel

Karine Patel, RD

Dietitian and Director


Karine is a dietitian and the founder of Dietitian fit & co, a private dietitian company located across England.

Karine holds a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and a Master of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics. She is a member of the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the British Dietetic Association (BDA).

She is passionate about her work, and devotes her time to help others adopt healthier eating habits and lifestyle.

Recently contributed to:

COVID-19 has made some remarkable changes to our lifestyles. To cope with these sudden changes, many of us turned to our cupboards and ate and drank more while sitting at home. One year later, these habits have resulted in many of us feeling less fit than we were before the pandemic.

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