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Lawrence Higgins

Managing editor

BSc, Post Graduate Diploma

As managing editor of Lawrence looks after all of our features and is a member of the Guild of Health Writers.

Lawrence works with the clinical director to make sure everything is accurate, up to date, and a great read. His career includes being deputy editor on one of the world's leading business magazines, writing Prime Ministerial speeches, and advising FTSE 100 companies on their media and editorial profiles. Lawrence lives by the sea and is a qualified beach surf lifesaver. He is passionate about the wellbeing benefits that being outdoors and can bring us.

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Under the new NHS Pharmacy First scheme, you can visit a pharmacist to receive advice and treatment for some simple illnesses, instead of going to see your doctor. Read here about what conditions you can now go directly to your pharmacist about and what you need to do.

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Measles, a highly contagious virus which can cause serious complications in anyone who contracts it, is on the rise across England. We look at how to recognise symptoms and why it is so important to be vaccinated against the disease.

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Cases of flu and COVID-19 are both on the rise this winter, so how can you tell the difference between these viruses? Knowing which illness you're dealing with can help you to protect others and may help you get better quicker.

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Fireworks displays can be beautiful to look at, but the loud noises they make can be triggering if someone has PTSD. Here we show how to manage your PTSD over the fireworks season and where to get support if you have experienced trauma in your past.

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A healthy vagina is never odour-free. It is completely normal for your vagina to have a natural scent that is individual to you. But there may be reasons why your vagina has a different smell than usual after sex. Here, we consider the reasons why and whether you need to do anything about it.

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