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Rose Constantine-Smith

Rose Constantine Smith


BSc (Hons), ANutr

Rose has authored for several publications including The Healthy Food Guide and is a Nutrition and Wellbeing Manager for The Good Eating Co.

She qualified with a degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Surrey in 2015. She has experience promoting nutritional health and weight management programmes to young people and their families who have a BMI over the 91st centile. She also worked as part of a close team at LiveWell and also with wider groups such as school nurses and support workers to meet the needs of clients in both 1:2:1 and group settings.

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These days supermarkets are bursting with an overwhelming variety of packaged food and drinks to suit all dietary wants and needs. But it's not just choice that has increased - there's now more nutritional information on food packaging than ever. The question is, is this info actually helping us make healthier choices?

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Having an intolerance to lactose means that your digestive system struggles to process foods containing lactose. Our experts take a look at what this could mean for you.

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In January 2018, Public Health England (PHE) launched a Change4Life campaign after research found half of children's sugar intake, currently around seven sugar cubes a day, comes from unhealthy snacks and sugary drinks. It encourages parents to 'look for 100-calorie snacks, two a day max' to cut children's sugar intake. But the real question is: should kids and adults be snacking in the first place? And if so, what are the healthiest things to eat between meals?

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We are no longer faced with limited choice when it comes to meals. Instead, we have copious, readily-available food all year round. Although this is a very privileged situation to be in, it may be that such bounty has led us to eat what we want and not necessarily what our bodies need.

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You may think they're solid, but your bones are constantly changing. The earlier you start taking action to support your bone health to prevent osteoporosis, the better.

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