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Torie True

Torie True

Recipe Developer

BEd (Hons) History

In 2009, after the birth of her second child, Torie True left the city and set up her food blog focusing on home cooking with herbs and spices.

She originally graduated from Cambridge University in 1998 with a BEd Hons in History. Upon graduating she worked in the city for 12 years working in the world of financial executive search, focusing on global mandates for senior level executives across the equity markets, both sell and buy side, cash and derivatives.

An avid traveller, she includes a wide range of global recipes she learns on her travels, with a particularly strong knowledge of Indian food, owing to her family ties to the region.

Her recipes (around 200 on her blog), food writing and photography have been published in a wide range of media including: Delicious Magazine, The Telegraph, Binge Magazine, Country and Town House Magazine online and India Today, to name a few. Her aim is for the public to incorporate more herbs and spices into their daily meals, making them not only taste more interesting but also hugely beneficial for ones health.