Evidence Based Medicine

Evidence based medicine (EBM) addresses the question ... "What is the evidence we have to justify the treatments used in clinical practice?". See here for a fuller description of 'levels of evidence'.

Clinical trials and other types of research aim to provide evidence ("proof") whether a particular treatment works, how well it works compared to other treatments, and what are the risks of the treatment. Various organisations collate the results of clinical trials and other research to determine the evidence for various treatments and procedures.

Main sources of reviews of EBM that are often used by health professionals include:

Other websites dealing with evidence based medicine include the following:

CEBM - Centre for Evidence Based Medicine

Provided by the University of Oxford, CEBM aims to develop, teach and promote evidence-based health care through conferences, workshops and EBM tools so that all health care professionals can maintain the highest standards of medicine.

CEBMH - Centre for Evidence Based Mental Health

Aims to promote the teaching and practice of evidence-based health care (EBHC) throughout the UK (with special emphasis on evidence-based mental health) and internationally.


Trip is a clinical search engine designed to allow users to quickly and easily find and use high-quality research evidence to support their practice and/or care.

Centre for Reviews and Dissemination

Part of the University of York, the CRD provides research-based information about the effects of health and social care interventions and undertakes systematic reviews evaluating the research evidence on health and public health questions of national and international importance.

You can conduct your own search of the literature on a specific medical condition and its treatment by searching through Medline.

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