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PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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  • sam18386 4

    Worried she'll just misunderstand me again

    Hi ladies, I'm back.  I need to know what I say to my doctor on Wednesday since she's calling again, I know I have an appointment booked with a new counsellor on the 4th July but that's just for an assessment.  Do I start with that and see what she thinks.  I am worried she'll insist I take antidepressants...

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  • sam18386 4

    What's the difference?

    I need some advice, what's the difference between ptsd and panic attacks, I've been told I have both but don't quite know the difference.

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  • cobbler12345 1

    Anxiety after terror attack. Symptoms of PTSD?

    I was very recently caught up in the aftermath of a terrorist attack which happened on my street about half a mile from my home. I feel very upset, anxious and exhausted and I am finding it impossible to work or to think about anything but what happened and what could have happened to me and my family....

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  • sam18386 4

    Just feel back to square 1!

    Has the world gone mad or are you meant to just accept rape ad nothing important? I went to see my doctor today who seems prepared to do nothing after me finishing 8 months of counselling for 2 rapes that happened in the past. She just wants to put me on medication for my mood, despite me spending 24...

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  • sam18386 4

    Update, update just update!

    Hi and thanks to all those who tried to help me the other day, as I said in my updated post my doctor seemed to misunderstand all that I said or ignore me or both (I'm unsure both), so I rang yesterday and asked to see another doctor about this, phone appointment booked but not until 3rd July!  I rang...

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  • sam18386 4

    How do I begin?

    I need your advice, I have a chance to tell my doctor how ptsd now feels without support and just how scary it is. But where do I start as I have been told I've got ptsd by 1 health professional and panic attacks by rape crisis. I feel really confused. Please help, new doctot very little trust.

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  • sam18386 4

    What is my next step?

    I need some positivity and hope please, does emdr work or would more counselling be sufficient, would my doctot know about this?

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  • marie18112 2

    I'm in severe trauma I don't know what to do

    I'm in so much trauma I don't talk to anyone I'm afraid to go to college a few months ago I was sexually assaulted by a family member and I was in so much trauma before that now I'm even afraid to wake up in morning. This person is continuously mentally torturing me so that I can't do anything now I'm...

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  • laura98726 2

    Someone help me out

    So I have had ptsd for a while now last year I suffered a full term stillbirth after that I started having bad panic attacks and my ptsd flared up the question here is I've never suffered with it before my stillbirth but I see floaters and I also see coloured lines and squiggles etc my eyes have been...

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  • wife5 1

    Lost & heartbroken wife - please help!

    The story is too long to tell (I could write a book) but my husband has complex ptsd and this is the forth time out of the blue I have been kicked out of our happy marital home. It was completely out of the blue yet again, I was awoken at 06:30 in the morning and told to 'get out of my house', he was...

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  • AShaunte85 1

    In love with a PTSD Vet who continues to push me away

    I will try to make this short. I've known this man since 1997. We've always been really good friends. We lost contact in 2004 and reconnected in 2014. At the time I was going through a divorce and he had been divorced for 2 yrs. He confessed his love for me immediately but said he was going through some...

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  • kay8827 2

    what could your wife do to help you?

    My ex-husband has been in and out of jail since he was 16, I didn't know this before I married him, he told me he got "in trouble" when he was younger, I figured it was something minor or a DUI. I found him doing Ketamine one day, and he told me the truth about all the deep issues he has, big drug addiction,...

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  • lynne1953 2

    I can't understand the diagnosis

    I have depression, but I can't get an image of my Dad dying out of my head. GP thinks it's PTSD. I have a history of depression and suicide attempts and am having Counselling but this soon finishes. I am really worried that I might end up in a psychiatric ward.

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  • ashbe123 2

    Dissociation PTSD

    I've been diagnosed with dissociation ptsd. Still feel slightly out of it. Cognitive impairment and dream like state. Has anyone had this and any solutions?

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  • sam18386 4

    how does it work?

    Hi, I've just caved in and asked for help from Leicester Rape Crisis after 2 weeks lack of sleep and complete fear at all the flashbacks I'm seeing. When i did ring they mentioned mindfulness, but I've never heard of it and don't know how it works, does anyone on here know or has heard of it? Please...

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  • hanna 08404 2

    What is PTSD?

    Hey guys. It's my first time in this forum. I recently was diagnosed with PTSD. I also have depression and anxiety. I been through violence at home where I was beating every day but I have begun to read things about PTSD and I bit confused. Is ptsd only a mental illness or can it be a physical thing....

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  • stephanie 22448 2

    Diagnosed with PTSD / after sexual assault/ doctor trauma

    I was sexually assaulted when I was 19 (I'm about to be 25) but I never report it because I was ashamed and guilty. I suppressed this incident as much as possible when I noticed it has affected me in many ways. I cannot have a physical exam or pap smear because as the doctor inserts the speculum I feel...

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  • sam18386 4

    would you bother to turn up?

    Hi everyone who has helped me in the past - can you help?  After being at rape crisis for a good while and heading towards my last session I really can't be bothered to go there as there has been a mix up.  I know this sounds like nothing but it has got so bad that during the last couple of sessions...

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  • charlotte80188 1
  • sam18386 4

    Thank God for my counsellor

    Hi to people who respond on this forum to me.  A quick update.  I saw my counsellor again on Wednesday just gone and despite the fact that I really shouted about the whole situation and the fact that it isn't resolved, I had the strength to see my doctor and tell her and write a letter to the manager's...

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  • sam18386 4

    do i admit defeat and beg for help

    Hi, I need help! I have been at rape crisis for about 6 months 21 sessions on and off, who have been brilliant about helping me with the 2 rapes I suffered years ago. I would like to know whether people have had emdr treatment and whether it helped or not. Would it go down in my health notes if I have...

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  • sam18386 4

    now what do I do?

    Help I am panicking! For all those ladies who have been through assault counselling - how do you cope without weekly counselling when it really helps? I have been at rape counselling on and off 6 months but after Easter I have 3 sessions of support left but I am TERRIFIED coping alone. What would you...

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  • sam18386 4

    i just want the fear to stop, but how?

    I have had to write this post as I feel so sad today. I just don't want to feel like this but don't know how I feel any better. Please help? Despite trying all I can I feel so broken by what I've been told. It may not seem much but after being told by family that sweeping my rape under the carpet, I...

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  • claire72491 2

    Have I got postmatic stress disorder? Please help

    I exsperienced really bad anxiety for about 6months, after a close friend died off a pulmonary embolism.. I went away and got myself better with no medication I finally got my life back.. but since I got back and I went in to the house my close friend lived at all the memory's came flowing back so now...

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  • alis78172 2

    My ex-boyfriend is pushing me away

    I need advises I don't know what to do anymore... I met my ex-boyfriend last year in July and since then we have been spending almost every day together. He told me after few weeks that he was suffering from PTSD and also in few occasions he talked about his trauma. He was planning our future together,...

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  • sam18386 4

    am I panicking?

    Hi, I need some help. I'm still having assault and rape counselling but have encountered a problem that I've for help with. I'm worried I'll be thrown out of counselling because of reporting a receptionist, who was rude when I rang for support given that I'd had such frightening flashbacks that I didn't...

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  • amy57522 3

    Physical symptoms of PTSD?

    Has anyone suffered physical symptoms of trauma.. I've experience trauma since I was 8 from domenstoc violence and other things. From a young age I always suffered with migraines, headaches, sickness, constipation and abdominal pain. Had so many tests and everything is always clear and no cause for it....

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  • Garant 1

    Losing a parent as a child

    My father died of heart disease when I was 9 years old. It was at our family home and I remember hearing him crying out the night before how he didn't want to die. That's one of only three clear memories I have of him which is strange, surely I should have more. Could PTSD be to blame?

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  • rep97 1

    Kelp for hair loss... stopped working

    OK I have Complex PTSD and I take prazosin for it... it helps me a bit but I have noticed my hair is thinning. And I searched and it does mention that hair loss is related to intake of prazosin. I searched and found out kelp helps stop hair loss/thinning. I bought a pack of kelp kombu from the herbal...

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  • carol 19052 2

    how do you accept it

    im struggling right now. i have repressed memories of child sex abuse that came to light whilst i was in therapy for failing to resuciatete my dad. i think i know it happened from the way my life has been but im struggling to accept it. if you know wht i mean

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  • sam18386 4

    this feeling of dread is hitting me continually

    Can anyone help please?  I need to find peace after horrendous experiences with men some of which I've asked for help with on here!  I just feel so sick and scared and tired and utterly fed up.  I'm 43 i'm called Sam and I wrote the article telling you 'and it all tumbled out'.  I need to ask for more...

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  • karen18639 2


    been diagnosed with PTSD since March 2016 depression started in teens but got worse by 1988 due to many traumatic events since 1988 and up to 2012 I'm currently doing CBT for PTSD and it's recently been stopped for 3 weeks due to medication change from  Duloxetine 120mg to Citalopram 20mg to now 40mg...

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  • sam18386 4

    And it all just tumbled out... but why do I feel so bad?

    Hi I have had to post and ask advice on this useful site yet again.  Can anyone who has been through rape counselling explain something to my mind which is worrying me persistently.  I saw my counsellor on Wednesday as usual.  I was just in tears and dissolved once I went into her room where we normally...

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  • Ashh2017 1
  • fireonetx 2

    Trying to servive

    I lost my job of twenty nine years (fireman) because of ptsd and the effects, I'm trying to not shoot myself,, I can't sleep (gross nightmares) I can't socialize (anxiety ) and because of the back injury from event,, I can't hold a job,,, I'm 53 and I can't bear the weight of the depression,, no one...

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