Patient Access

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Create & share your personal health record

Now available for iOS8

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How it works

EMIS Health, the company behind Patient Access has partnered with Apple to launch a world first: a mobile personal health record that allows you to monitor your health in real time with wearable devices and apps and then share that data with your doctor to keep them in the loop.

Apple Health allows you to collect your own health data by using apps, home gadgets like smart scales and even wearable devices such as blood pressure wrist monitors and fitness trackers. An ever growing range of apps and devices will mean that you will be able to monitor all aspects of your health, from weight and fitness to life-threatening conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart, kidney and chronic lung disease.

Once you connect Apple Health to your Patient Access account, we will securely save your data to your personal health record which you will be able to manage through Patient Access.

Your GP can only view your record with your consent during consultation and can use the data you collected to build a complete picture of your health - allowing you to become a real partner in your own healthcare and wellbeing for the first time ever.

For more information about Patient Access and Apple Health, please take a look at our FAQs.

Quick start guide

See how keeping a Personal Health Record could improve your health

What you can collect



Body Mass Index

Respiratory Rate

Pulse Rate

Blood Pressure


Blood Glucose Level

Blood Oxygen Saturation

Steps per day

Distance per day

Peak expiration flow rate

Forced vital capacity

Forced expired volume in 1 second