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Did you know that there are some free NHS health services you can access without needing an appointment with your GP? This is called self-referral and could help you find the care you need quicker and more easily than going through your surgery. Self-referral often includes services for drug and alcohol problems, as well as antenatal care and improving access to psychological therapies (IAPT).

You can register for most of them online. In some cases you refer yourself by phoning rather than emailing or by completing an online form. Just click on the service you're interested in, then search your area for a simple link to the easiest way to access the service.

Self-referral services vary by area though - and they might be provided by a variety of organisations, all approved and commissioned by the NHS.

Find more information and services local to you by visiting the following links. If you can't find the information you need, try searching the NHS website or contact your GP practice.

You can contact the Patient Access team with any questions about the NHS self-referral feature on the Patient Access Support page by clicking the 'Contact Support' button.

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Self-referral to hospital consultant clinics is not available on the NHS. If you feel you need a referral to a hospital speciality, you should contact your GP who will decide whether you are eligible for referral. If they do, your GP will make the referral.

The NHS self-referral services below have been included because they are available to most or all patients across the UK.

Some other community services, including podiatry and physiotherapy, are not available via self-referral on the NHS in most areas of the UK. They have therefore not been included in our list of available services.

An NHS self-referral option has been introduced in a few areas. You can find out whether self-referral for any community service not listed below is available in your area by:

Antenatal care

Counselling and talking therapies

Drug and alcohol addiction services

Stop smoking services

Sexual health services

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