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Dr Caroline Wiggins

Dr Caroline Wiggins, MRCGP

General Practitioner, Medical Author

MBBS Honours (with Distinction), MRCGP (2016), MSc.SEM (with Distinction), BSc (Hons)

Dr Caroline Wiggins is a GP locum currently in the South-West of England. 

She has experience in the development and redesign of patient referral pathways, negotiating and writing website content to aid interface working between Primary and Secondary Care. She has an interest in Quality Improvement work. She enjoys medical writing and GP work with a particular interest in Sports and Exercise Medicine. She has been a medical examiner for undergraduate medical students at the University of Edinburgh.


EMIS Group, medical author
Referrals Advisor for RefHelp, NHS Lothian
GP locum, NHS Lothian


MRCGP - Royal College of General Practitioners, 2016
MBBS Honours (with Distinction) – University of Newcastle upon Tyne, 2008
MSc. Sports and Exercise Medicine (with Distinction) - Queen Mary University of London, 2012

Recently contributed to:

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