CJD Support Network

PO Box 346
Market Drayton

Tel (Helpline): 01630 673973 Tel: 01630 673993
Web: www.cjdsupport.net

The CJD Support Network was established in 1995 by relatives of people who have died with CJD. The Network's aims are as follows:
  • To offer support to individuals and families concerned with all forms of CJD.
  • To offer support to people who are told that they are at a heightened risk of CJD through blood and secondary transmission.
  • To provide emotional support for carers and to link families with similar experiences of all forms of CJD.
  • To offer financial support for families in need.
  • To provide accurate, unbiased and up-to-date information and advice about all forms of CJD.
  • To provide a national helpline on all forms of CJD.
  • To promote good quality care for people with all forms of CJD.
  • To promote research into all forms of CJD and the dissemination of research findings.
The network produces the following publications as well as regular newsletters. Audio information is also available.
  • Creutzfeld-Jakob disease (booklet)
  • Familial prion disease - an introduction and explanation (booklet)
  • Sporadic CJD (information sheet)
  • New variant CJD (information sheet)
  • Iatrogenic CJD (information sheet)
  • Nurses Guidelines for CJD
  • Social Work Guidelines for CJD
  • Autopsy Inpatients with Suspected CJD
  • vCJD & Blood transfusion (info. sheet)

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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