CDA - Catholic Deaf Association

Hollywood House
Sudell Street
M4 4JF

Tel: 0161 834 8828

The Catholic Deaf Association is an association of deaf and hearing people who support each other and promote services for deaf people within the community. It works at both the diocesan level and national level. The CDA does not cater for those who are hard of hearing but only for those who are profoundly deaf. It does include partially deaf people and those deafened at an early age. At diocesan level activities include the following.
  • Creates awareness among bishops and diocesan communities of the needs and rights of deaf people.
  • Works with dioceses to establish services with appropriately qualified personnel.
  • Supports existing diocesan services.
  • Promotes working partnerships with other agencies.
At national level activities include the following:
  • Provides support groups.
  • Organises events and programmes (including pilgrimages and annual retreats, holidays and social events).
  • Establishes working committees (including the editorial committee for national magazine Outreach).

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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