Ellis van Creveld Foundation

Farthingale Farm
Hackmans Lane

Tel: 01621 829675

The Ellis van Creveld Foundation has the following objectives:
  • Be of help and give moral support to existing families and those newly diagnosed.
  • Raise the visibility of EvC syndrome in order that a) existing and newly diagnosed families can have immediate contact with another EvC family and b) to increase the likelihood of research being carried out into identifying the defective gene.
  • Share the experience of affected families - what problems have been experienced and how they have been addressed.
  • Advise families of possible surgery.
  • Make initial contact with EvC families not presently in touch with the Foundation.
Activities of the Foundation include the following:
  • Correspond and make phone contact with families who need support and help.
  • Raise visibility of EvC by contact with relevant professional groups and individuals.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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