A healthy 2023

After the fun and festivities of Christmas and the new year we often an opportunity to look after our health by safely and effectively getting our lifestyles back on track. Here we look at how you can achieve a healthy lifestyle - for mind and body - that will last beyond January.

"A healthy new year isn't about making unachievable resolutions new year, or doing fad diets or undertaking exhaustive exercise regimes to get rid of the Christmas pounds - It's about adopting good habits that will help us stay mentally and physically healthy forever. Our team gives practical suggestions, food advice, expert tips and straightforward information to help you feel fitter, healthier, and to enjoy your self more - whether that's reading a book, going for a walk, or working out at the gym. We also consider how, when looking after ourselves, we can also look after the environment. "

Our Expert

Dr Krishna Vakharia, MRCGP

Chief Medical Officer - Health, EMIS

Our features give practical advice on how to have a year round healthy lifestyle. We have dietry advice, how to look after your wellbeing, how to boost your mental health, how to stay fit, and how to deal things when they are not looking so bright

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