ARC - Antenatal Results and Choices

345 City Road

Tel: (Helpline) landline 0845 077 2290, mobile 0208 713 7486, (General) 020 7631 0280


ARC (Antenatal Results and Choices) is a national charity offering non-directive information and support to parents going through antenatal screening and testing. ARC's main activities are as follows:

  • Offering support to parents making a decision about antenatal testing, and throughout the antenatal testing process.
  • Providing support and information to parents who are told that their unborn baby has an abnormality.
  • Offering ongoing support to those parents whatever decision is made about the pregnancy.

ARC also co-ordinates a support network for parents; has a moderated, members-only forum; produces a regular newsletter for members; distributes a range of literature for families and professionals; represents the views of parents in parliament and the media; and trains health professionals to meet parents' needs.

Last updated on 29/08/2013

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