World AIDS Day 2023

World AIDS Day has helped spread awareness and understanding about the disease every December 1st since 1988. People of all ages and backgrounds can contract this disease but there is still stigma surrounding AIDs and  outdated misconceptions about who is affected. There is also misunderstanding about the effects of AIDS and HIV. 

HIV is the name of a virus. AIDS is the name for a collection of illnesses caused by this virus. Modern medicine means those with HIV can live a long and healthy life. There's no shortage of public figures who have proved having HIV does not mean your ability to enjoy life is lessened - actor Charlie Sheen, basketball legend Magic Johnson, and double Olympic gold medalist Greg Louganis to name a few. 

Here we look at the issues around HIV, present the real story, give the facts, dispel the myths and give sound advice for those that need it. 

"Here you can find resources for people living with HIV, those newly diagnosed, and how to prevent acquiring the disease. We explore good sexual health and why it is so important. Find out about safer sex, STIs, managing your options around contraception, protected sex, and testing. "

Our Expert

Dr Krishna Vakharia, MRCGP

Chief Medical Officer - Health, EMIS

Our features give practical advice about HIV and AIDS. Here you can find out about prevention of HIV with medicine such as PrEP, how to test for it if you are worried, what medicines are available and what they do. We dispel some of the myths about AIDS and look at how HIV is affecting women.

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