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Evidence based dietary advice can be helpful in managing many health problems, such as diabetes or gout. It can also help when trying to lose weight, or just adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Whatever your reason, our range of NHS clinician authored leaflets will help you to help yourself to improved health.

Atkins DietCalcium-rich Diet
Coeliac Disease Diet SheetCow's Milk Protein Allergy
Diabetes Healthy Eating SheetDiet in Chronic Kidney Disease
Diet Sheet for Oesophageal RefluxDietary Advice for People with a New Stoma
Dietary PotassiumDietary Sodium
Dietary Tips for Vegetarians and VegansDiets Suitable for People with Anaemia
Dukan DietEat More Fruit and Vegetables
Fibre and Fibre SupplementsFive:Two Diet
Gallstones Diet SheetGout Diet Sheet
Healthy EatingIodine Deficiency
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Diet SheetLow-fat Diet Sheet
Mediterranean DietOrlistat (Xenical®) Healthy Eating Guide
Paleolithic (Paleoâ„¢) DietPregnancy - Diet and Lifestyle
Tips for Dealing with Lactose IntoleranceVitamin A Deficiency
Vitamin C DeficiencyWeight Reduction - How to Lose Weight