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Quiz: Do I have postnatal depression?

Having a baby can be a joyful experience. But the combination of hormones, sleep deprivation and emotional upheaval that comes with bringing new life into the world can take its toll on new mothers. It's no wonder that many women find themselves feeling down. But what's the difference between feeling down and having postnatal depression?

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Who is this quiz for?

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This quiz is for women who have given birth within the last year who suspect they may have postnatal depression (PND). If you are feeling low, anxious or feel you are not bonding with your baby, it's worth checking whether you have developed this common, treatable condition.

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How common is postnatal depression?

As a new mother, it can be easy to feel guilty about feeling low. However, PND is more common than many of us believe. "Postnatal depression happens to around 10% of women. It's not that you did anything 'wrong'. It's just that certain factors have combined to cause depression," explains Sheri Jacobson, Psychologist, from Harley Therapy.

"It might be that there were already mental health issues before giving birth that the experience has triggered or made worse, or that there is a family history of depression. It can be connected to feeling unsupported, alone, and overwhelmed by the experience of motherhood, or from other life problems already present like money issues or relationship conflict. But sometimes it happens when there are no obvious issues at all. PND might also be connected to the changes in certain hormones that happens after birth."

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How does the quiz work?

The questions in this quiz have been designed to see whether you are experiencing some of the main symptoms of PND. Each time you select an answer, you will also be given information about your individual symptoms and their significance. At the end of the quiz, we will reveal the likelihood of you having PND, based on your answers.

Whilst the result of this quiz should give you an indication as to whether you're experiencing depressive symptoms, no online quiz can diagnose a mental health problem. If you are feeling low - even if you don't score highly on this quiz, it's important that you speak with your GP, midwife or a family member.

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