Autism and Related Problems

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This session covers recognising the early signs of autism and symptoms associated with autism in children and Asperger's syndrome symptoms in children. It will cover useful information for those working with autistic children, including suggestions of activities for autistic children.

  • We can think of autism as a set of impairments in:
    • Social interaction and emotional understanding.
    • Communication skills.
    • Flexibility in thinking and behaviour.
  • Individuals with autism often have unusual responses and sensitivities to sound, sight, smell, taste and touch. Learning difficulties and mental health problems such as anxiety and depression can also be present.
  • The signs/symptoms of autism can include: problems making and keeping friends, school refusal, angry and aggressive behaviour and obsessive or restricted interests.
  • If you think you have recognised symptoms of autism in someone who does not have a diagnosis, speak with your supervisor first:
    • Find out if the carers share your concerns.
    • Offer to find out how they would get an assessment in your local area.
    • Give the carer, or individual, information - signpost them to where they can read more about autism.
  • Although there is no cure for autism, getting a diagnosis as early as possible can help the individual and their carers to be understood better and receive appropriate support.

Access the full MindEd session here.
Content provided by MindEd. Author: Janne Karpf. Published: March 2014. Review: March 2017.

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