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This session addresses how sexuality can influence mental health and sexual behaviours in teenagers and young people. It provides information and guidance on gender dysphoria, sexual orientation, being transgender and the experience of young transgender children.

  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer (or Questioning - LGBTQ) children and young people are at risk of adverse life experiences.
  • Experiences such as bullying, victimisation, social stigma and difficulties in relationships with parents can increase the risk of mental health problems.
  • Adults working with LGBTQ and transgender children have a responsibility to minimise these adverse life experiences and promote resilience factors.
  • New technology provides young people with many exciting new ways to interact with others online.
  • With these new technologies, comes the potential for young people to be sexually exploited.
  • Adults working with young people have a responsibility to guide them to remain safe online and intervene if a young person is at risk of, or is being, sexually exploited or abused online.
  • Teens experiencing gender dysphoria, and young transgender individuals, may need support to maintain resilience.

Access the full MindEd session here.
Content provided by MindEd. Author: Justin Wakefield. Published: March 2014. Review: March 2017.

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